• How to Select the Right Order Management System (OMS) for Omni-Channel Retail Operations?

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    An omnichannel solution refers not only to the merchant’s ability to meet these needs—but in doing so integrates the various customer engagement channels and provides a seamless customer experience. A customer might be looking for the perfect pair of shoes, finds them online but wants to try them on before buying. Once instore, the customer...... Read More
  • Elbrus Release of SuiteCommerce Advanced

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    Elbrus Release of SuiteCommerce Advanced Elbrus contains numerous items of new functionality, improvements to existing functionality, new customization options, improved extensibility, and even some wholesale refactoring. I think this release has a bit of something for everyone, so let’s take a look at just some of the things I think you’ll like. Custom Field Support...... Read More
  • How Your Products Reviews Can Help You

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    The ecommerce now a days very popular, so customer review is important to measuring the customer satisfaction? Tech savvy customers seeking, effectively measure customer satisfaction before buying or making online order. Old techniques are now ineffective and inefficient to address the worldwide audience. Understanding how your customers speak is the first step to crafting something...... Read More
  • RESTlet Key Concepts

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    A RESTlet is a SuiteScript that executes when called by an external application or by another SuiteScript. Depending on how the RESTlet is written and called, it may also return data to the calling application. A RESTlet can perform any function that can be implemented by using SuiteScript. But at a high level, potential uses...... Read More
  • New Flat File Streaming APIs Support Files over 10MB

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    With NetSuite 2017.1, you can use new file streaming APIs to more efficiently process and stream large CSV and plain text files. You can load and edit each line into memory using File.lines.iterator(). Call File.appendLine(options) to append the lines back together. Note that you cannot iterate on and append lines at the same time. The...... Read More
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