• What is OMS?

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    In any business, getting a single view of demands, inventory and supply is one of the most complex challenges. Order management systems provide a way to not only manage entire process in place, it also plays a vital role in increasing the efficiency and improving customer experience. Customers aren’t ready to accept, if your ecommerce...... Read More
  • What is a Perpetual Inventory System?

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    Inventory management may not be an interesting topic to anyone, but ability to track goods is very much needed when you are in a product-based business. You need to have accurate information about inventory to meet customers’ expectations by anticipating their future demands. Perpetual or Periodic Inventory? Earlier, you needed to perform a physical count...... Read More
  • What is ERP?

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    When you search for “ERP”, you will come across a number of options, making you confused. Hopping from one website to another, you will see that ERP has so many definitions on so many websites that even makes it a powerful business tool. A deeper understanding of ERP functionality from below section will help you...... Read More
  • Use NetSuite Cloud to Manage a High-Performing Workforce

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    The business world changes constantly and companies today have to keep thinking and preparing on what to do next. They have to make plans for next plant location, retirement risks and thus, they reassess whether the current workforce is even skilled enough to meet evolving requirements of the company. However, they have to struggle to...... Read More
  • Five Signs to Know Your Business is ERP Ready

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    Your business is suffering due to inability to reconcile month end financials. Since your sales forecasts are based on guesses, your business faces troubles in keeping up with high order volume, which leads to customer dissatisfaction. You have no idea of inventory present in your warehouse and it is painful to find out. If all...... Read More
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