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  • Blanket Purchase Orders

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    You can improve buyer efficiency and accuracy and potentially reduce procurement spending by using blanket purchase orders. Blanket purchase orders define a pre-determined price for a set quantity of items you will buy from a vendor during a time period. The blanket purchase order specifies the item, price, quantity, terms and effective time period. During...... Read More
  • Consolidated Invoicing – NetSuite

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    Software solutions always used for operational efficiencies through improved processes. Consolidated invoicing allows business houses to reduce the number of transactions and offers an enhanced approach to a traditionally manual processes run by large teams. We experienced multiple invoices each month need to generate for a single customer. Invoice consolidation will allow account department to...... Read More
  • SuiteScript

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    With SuiteScript you can add a powerful level of customization to your NetSuite business applications. Customizing your workflow processes, generating email notifications, and automatically creating or updating records are just some of the things SuiteScript offers you the ability to do. There are currently three different types of SuiteScript that can be created: User Event:...... Read More
  • NetSuite CRM

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    Today’s successful companies are agile and responsive to their customer’s needs. Where possible, they’ve replaced manual processes with automated ones, so they can respond quickly. NetSuite provides a seamless flow of information across the entire customer lifecycle. NetSuite delivers powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities, including Sales Force Automation (SFA), marketing automation, customer support and service, ecommerce and flexible customization, all in a single cloud CRM solution....... Read More
  • Token Based Authentication for SuiteTalk

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    Token-based authentication is being extended to support SuiteTalk (web services), de-coupling web services authentication from password expiration. With this feature, client applications will be able to access web services using a token, significantly reducing the risk of compromising user credentials. Enable Token Based Authentication Go to Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Enable Features....... Read More
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