• How to Select the Right Order Management System (OMS) for Omni-Channel Retail Operations?

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    An omnichannel solution refers not only to the merchant’s ability to meet these needs—but in doing so integrates the various customer engagement channels and provides a seamless customer experience. A customer might be looking for the perfect pair of shoes, finds them online but wants to try them on before buying. Once instore, the customer...... Read More
  • Oracle NetSuite OneWorld Basics

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    NetSuite OneWorld was originally NetLedger, then became the Oracle Small Business Suite, and was finally spun off into a separate public company in 2007. The largest difference between the two versions is OneWorld’s extensive multicurrency and multinational capabilities, while the standard NetSuite offering is the same basic app oriented more towards US operations. NetSuite also...... Read More
  • Advanced Revenue Management

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    The Advanced Revenue Management (ARM) enhancements associated with the 2018.1 release allow users to create revenue journal entries for specific date periods and distinguish between creating journals for schedules or for plans. Additionally, the Expense Waterfall reporting tool enables: Visibility to deferred expense balances in summary and detail Reconciliation with balance sheet Forecast of expected...... Read More
  • SuiteCommerce Advanced Elbrus

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    Store Pick-Up With Elbrus, merchants can choose this alternative order fulfillment option by allowing shoppers to select at checkout to pick their item(s) at the closest store. Technically, this functionality designates retail locations as fulfilment centers. In other words, rather than relying on the stock in your warehouses (fulfilment centers), you use stock at your...... Read More
  • Reasons Why A Startup Love NetSuite

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    With NetSuite you can grow your business with a solution that fits you every step of the way. NetSuite is the most favorite technology for the startups. Its ERP/financial suite is one of the top most choices of the technological companies that understand that the key to unlocking and managing growth is the back-office systems...... Read More
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