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NetSuite WMS Is Gaining the Attention of Leading Manufacturers for Driving Warehouse Productivity

NetSuite WMS Is Gaining the Attention of Leading Manufacturers for Driving Warehouse Productivity

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Summary:  This article talks about the measures for warehouse productivity, which thriving businesses can take by leveraging the core capabilities of NetSuite Warehouse Management. Also, it explains the inventive capabilities, benefits of NetSuite WMS, and key metrics to ensure robust efficiency throughout the warehouse operations.  

The deployment of NetSuite Warehouse Management System or NetSuite WMS gives modern-day manufacturing, supply chain, and warehouse businesses exclusive functionalities, tools, and solutions to scale up before their fellow businesses do so. For the most part, the Warehouse Management System available within NetSuite ERP renders industry-leading workforce management capabilities, and warehouse management functionality and assists in managing your inventory without a hitch.  

Interestingly, this warehouse and logistics management system is specifically orchestrated and structured with advanced capabilities to digitally transform warehouse operations. For the most part, NetSuite WMS elevates the user experience, expedites delivery, and improves warehouse processing operations. Because NetSuite WMS is engineered into NetSuite ERP, businesses in the manufacturing or supply chain industry can extensively make the best of core ERP locations, items, bins, inventory, and transactions. Moreover, they can sit back and relax without worrying about integration efforts or data synchronization.


Additionally, by leveraging the fundamental capabilities of the NetSuite WMS or Warehouse Management System, businesses can drop down operating expenses, drive more inventory visibility, ascertain better labor management, take effective labor measurements, and deliver impressive customer services.  

5 Metrics for Measuring Warehouse Productivity  

Measuring warehouse productivity can be a challenging and tedious task if it is done manually or through a conventional or legacy system. Without a system specifically structured or orchestrated for warehouse management in place, this eventually leads to a manually intervening, cost-bearing, and inefficient process. For the most part, it will no longer support a fast-growing and thriving manufacturing or warehouse business.  

 Experts recommend the following Metrics for Measuring Warehouse Productivity  

Accurate Order Picking 

For the most part, incorrect order picking leads to high labor costs, inaccurate inventory counts, delayed shipments, and unhappy customers, particularly if you fail to capture the error before shipment. At best-in-class operations using a scalable and adaptable Warehouse Management System, 99.89% of orders are picked correctly. 

Average Warehouse Capacity 

It is the average capacity used over a certain period and key space utilization KPI. Best-in-class manufacturing, supply chain, and warehouse companies use on average 92.54% of warehouse space. 

Peak Warehouse Capacity 

This helps track the capacity of a warehouse and space utilization during its most occupied schedules or busiest times.

On-time and Sleek Shipment 

This helps keep a delicate balance between production and delivery without compromising order accuracy.

Accurate Inventory Count by Location 

Businesses in Warehouse Management should comprehend the total inventory available and its distribution across multiple locations. This helps ascertain that orders or goods are routed to the right location for fulfillment and that out-of-stocks products are not incurred along the way. 

NetSuite Warehouse Management System Features  

Inventory Management System 

Once goods or products are scanned, the NetSuite Warehouse Management System mobile application immediately updates. This way, you can witness an extensive elevation in the overall Warehouse productivity as it creates the proper transaction and associated inventory data in NetSuite. Additionally, businesses can thrive with transaction and inventory transparency. 

Mobile Processing 

Warehouse businesses and administrators can perform key processes on any mobile device and steer impressive improvement across inventory accuracy. Leveraging such capabilities for Warehouse productivity helps shorten the period of searching for and handling goods. Here, NetSuite Warehouse and Logistics Management assist users or business administrators in completing important tasks. These may include receiving and storing goods and picking and shipping items efficiently.

No Sync Needed 

Businesses in the manufacturing, supply chain, and warehouse can eliminate the need to synchronize crucial data or information between two distinct systems. As a suite of connected applications, NetSuite WMS or Warehouse Management System seamlessly communicates with labor management, order fulfillment, inventory management, and production systems. For the most part, this helps thriving businesses ensure that all teams and members work on the same, real-time data, and a unified platform.  

NetSuite Warehouse and Logistics Management Benefits 

  • Data Capture and Accuracy— The NetSuite Warehouse Management System can be used on any mobile device. For the most part, this inventive functionality helps ascertain accurate capture of item, lot, and serial numbers as goods or items are received. 
  • Inventory Visibility—Manufacturing, Supply Chain, or Warehouse businesses can make the most of an Inventory Management System to track inventory in real-time as goods or products enter, move through, and exit the warehouse as and when required. 
  • Space Utilization— NetSuite WMS helps ensure that products or goods have adequate space. Offering extensive warehouse productivity, it assists in storing the fastest-moving products near fulfillment areas. 
  • Labor Measurement—Business leaders can make the best of Mobile devices to guide users and help them perform important tasks without a hitch. These may include receiving and storing items to picking and shipping them. 
  • Order Fill Rates and Accuracy— The warehouse managers leverage the inventive capabilities across warehouse and logistics management to use efficient pick paths and opportunistic multi-order picking. This readily streamlines fulfillment processes. 
  • Customer Satisfaction— NetSuite WMS allows businesses to deliver orders quickly and minimize mis-picks and inaccurate fulfillment with validated data. 

Why NetSuiteExpert? 

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