Product Merchandising

Product Merchandising

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The Product Merchandising SuiteApp lets you define and display merchandising zones on your ecommerce site. Merchandising zones display complementary, cross-sell or up-sell products. The content for merchandising zones is generated from interactive elements that display dynamic groups of items based on search rules you define.

For example, on a sporting goods store website, a shopper has narrowed the search criteria on a page to display men’s featured items. You want to market various accessories to this shopper too. You define a merchandising rule to search for accessories and display the results in a merchandising zone on the page whenever the search criteria are narrowed to display men’s shirts.

What you can achive by product merchandising:

  • Add merchandising zones within the site’s template
  • Easily incorporate custom content in merchandising zones
  • Create merchandising rules to target content display based on specific selection criteria

SuiteCommerce lets you:

  • Guide shoppers in their decision-making by suggesting complementary products
  • Generate up-sell opportunities by personalizing the static items to be displayed in conjunction or automating the selection based on the shopper’s buying behavior
  • Feature top-selling items prominently by allowing shoppers to sort product lists by best sellers
  • Encourage business by offering customers prepaid stored-value money cards for future purchases