• RESTlet Key Concepts

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    A RESTlet is a SuiteScript that executes when called by an external application or by another SuiteScript. Depending on how the RESTlet is written and called, it may also return data to the calling application. A RESTlet can perform any function that can be implemented by using SuiteScript. But at a high level, potential uses...... Read More
  • New Flat File Streaming APIs Support Files over 10MB

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    With NetSuite 2017.1, you can use new file streaming APIs to more efficiently process and stream large CSV and plain text files. You can load and edit each line into memory using File.lines.iterator(). Call File.appendLine(options) to append the lines back together. Note that you cannot iterate on and append lines at the same time. The...... Read More
  • What’s new in NetSuite 2016.1?

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    NetSuite’s phased product upgrades provide customers with improved functionality and usability. From late February through to end of March, NetSuite has rolled out its 2016.1 with below features: Accounting The Fixed Asset Management SuiteApp Enhancements include support for Compound Assets, Bulk Disposal of Assets, and Additional Language Support Advanced Revenue Management for more powerful and...... Read More
  • Few Trends Distributors Must Account for in 2017

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    From increased competition and changing business models to a barrage of new, innovative technologies, the distributors way do business is starkly and fundamentally different than it was even five years ago. In an age with such pronounced structural change and competitive pressures to risk not changing is to risk failing. Here are the most important...... Read More
  • How to select the Right cloud service provider?

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    When the leaders of NetSuite Expert decided it was time to trade in a largely manual warehouse management process riddled with bottlenecks for a modern, cloud-based alternative, they knew their choice of a cloud provider was critical. As a wholesale key distributor to some of the largest office supply businesses in the world, for Sourcing...... Read More
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