• What’s new in NetSuite 2016.1?

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    NetSuite’s phased product upgrades provide customers with improved functionality and usability. From late February through to end of March, NetSuite has rolled out its 2016.1 with below features: Accounting The Fixed Asset Management SuiteApp Enhancements include support for Compound Assets, Bulk Disposal of Assets, and Additional Language Support Advanced Revenue Management for more powerful and...... Read More
  • Few Trends Distributors Must Account for in 2017

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    From increased competition and changing business models to a barrage of new, innovative technologies, the distributors way do business is starkly and fundamentally different than it was even five years ago. In an age with such pronounced structural change and competitive pressures to risk not changing is to risk failing. Here are the most important...... Read More
  • How to select the Right cloud service provider?

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    When the leaders of NetSuite Expert decided it was time to trade in a largely manual warehouse management process riddled with bottlenecks for a modern, cloud-based alternative, they knew their choice of a cloud provider was critical. As a wholesale key distributor to some of the largest office supply businesses in the world, for Sourcing...... Read More
  • Role of SaaS and Cloud Computing in Transforming Professional Services

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    Companies of every size in almost every industry are facing huge competition due to globalization and various technological advancements. Companies today not just compete with their peers, but they have to compete with companies from around the globe. In contrast to this, web is helping customers to meet their needs by making it easier to...... Read More
  • World Is Still Round for Professional Services

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    Similar to one of the most popular trends about eating local for a healthy living, is the raging debate in the world of professional services. There have been studies that showcase the fact that due to omnipresent access to the Internet and computing skills, companies could outsource almost anything to the most inexpensive markets. As...... Read More
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