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NetSuite for Retail

NetSuite for Retail

Retail sector is one of the largest customer serving industry with its various benefits to its customers. Running your entire business with a unified system, called NetSuite for Retail has now the most preferred way to best manage your business. Due to the fast-paced and busy life schedules, consumers prefer online shopping; which offers anytime shopping from the comfort of any given place. As NetSuite System for Retailers is entirely a cloud based software, it assists organizations by bringing together various organizational processes. Particularly, it includes Sales Order, Inventory Management, CRM, eCommerce, Finance & Accounting, Merchandising, Marketing and many more.

Create an Omni-channel Experience with NetSuite for Retail

Since today’s customers are more-than-ever demanding, they don’t wish to settle with pauses or other inconveniences while shopping online from any device. In addition, NetSuite retail software provides an omni-channel experience to the customers, which is immensely vital in current scenario. Thus, with a variety of NetSuite for Retail’s capabilities, it is possible to get a thorough visibility into every operational aspect. Moreover, this quality to view various operations from any device, at any given time contributes to the overall success of your business.

Comprehensive NetSuite Solutions for Retail

Merchandise Management System – Merchandise Management System is a highly regarded solution in retail sector. With this, users can conveniently analyze the product price, orders, inventory across all channels. Therefore, an inventory at right place and at the right time helps a brand with easy promotions and maximized sales.

Business Intelligence – With its entire technology based on cloud, NetSuite System makes your business smarter than ever. All cloud businesses get real-time inventory & transactions reporting. In addition, you get role-based dashboard that shows latest KPI’s and analytics. By displaying business and employee performance, scope for improvements can be analyzed.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce – This system is an important component of NetSuite retail that offers single cloud-based platform to users for multiple-channel shopping and related services. As an eCommerce and retail combination, it brilliantly manages B2B and B2C commerce operations. In addition, it offers world-class shopping experience to the customers.

NetSuite Point of Sale (POS) System

Providing a seamless shopping experience to the customers is the most essential part of an organization’s growth, as customers’ traffic on your site decides your actual growth. NetSuite Retail  Point of Sale System helps in giving omni-channel experience to the shoppers. This enables them to pay through various modes such as debit card, credit card or others. Moreover, it simply integrates POS system with NetSuite to provide unparalleled purchasing experience to the customers and building loyal relations with them.

NetSuite Mobile POS – NetSuite’s Mobile POS offers flexibility to users to review customers’ information from cellphones, while looking-up for products from floor as well. With this technology, it helps in saving time with a cost-effective method and provide better reliability in NetSuite system.

NetSuite Retail POS & Retail Management System thus supports multiple location and omni channels, giving a 360 degree online shopping view to the customers. With NetSuiteExpert years of expertise, we offering a combination of cost-effective NetSuite services. This covers customization & development, integration, POS for NetSuite; we are astute NetSuite partner across worldwide market.