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All About NetSuite’s Advanced Modules

All About NetSuite’s Advanced Modules

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Encircling ERP, CRM, and e-commerce for numerous potentials, NetSuite is a complete solution for your business. Irrespective of the size, it helps drive innovation and digital transition to burgeoning businesses, whether large, mid-sized or small. Its industry-specific functionalities spanning a wide range of businesses assist them make the best use of their resources and optimize benefits. Enabling to take your business beyond the conventional method of using accounting applications, it assists business organizations to streamline all the operations, gain real-time visibility and take more informed decisions.

Although it is embedded with most the intuitive capabilities to deliver business applications and steer innovation, additional advanced functionalities introduced in NetSuite can make your business into a completely new dimension.

NetSuite OneWorld

Global businesses are often troubled by the complexities of meeting regulatory compliances worldwide. To address such issues, NetSuite OneWorld is the most in-demand solution. Fulfilling multinational and multi-company needs of an organization, it enables them to adjust for currency, taxation, and legal compliances at the local level. Also, it helps businesses to regulate with both regional and global business consolidation and roll-up. Administrators can deploy this advanced functionality to gain real-time visibility, ensure consistency, and stimulate compliant management across the organization. Delivering a real-time, integrated global business management platform, it assists in managing multinational and multi-subsidiary operations cost-effectively. NetSuite OneWorld assists global business organizationsto upgrade operational efficiency through real-time analytics and consolidation, and agility to customize the solution.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced

With the deployment of NetSuite SuiteCommerce Ad-On, businesses can acquire key organizational benefits, including full-featured e-commerce solution, integrated e-commerce platform to prompt multi-channel selling, single platform for both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customers) customers, and easy management of new site features. Under this advanced functionality, e-commerce gets integrated withNetSuite order and inventory management efficiency. SuiteCommerce Advanced assists businesses with fast and interactive web stores, which deliver exclusive shopping experience. Rendering a single view of customer, orders, inventory and other critical business data, it enables personal and relevant omnichannel experience across all the devices for increased efficiency. NetSuite SuiteCommerce helps design architecture with modern technology to boost business operations, brand the business, increase engagement and conversion, work on multiple versions and consolidates multi-subsidiary reporting as well.

NetSuite Suite Analytics Connect

Administrators can assign their users with SuiteAnalytics Connect permission to help them access Connect Service. Embedded with business intelligence, it helps customize and drive innovation to any application built with SuiteCloud. With such functionality, business organizations can avoid profligacy on developers and IT. One can handle the complexities of separate reporting tools, BI cubes, and data warehousing with ease. Personalized real-time dashboards, self-service reporting, and on-the-go analytics are some of the salient features incorporated in NetSuite Suite Analytics Connectto support burgeoning enterprises. Administrators can build key performance indicators (KPAs), actionable lists, and search analytics for custom data and applications, which readily driveproductivity.

NetSuite Suite Grid Order Management

This additional and advanced feature of NetSuite assists the users in selecting matrix items on transactions easily for multi-company locations and pricing, without enteringeach one separately. Automatic updating of quantities decreases processing time and increases efficiency as well. Multiple transactions, including sales orders, purchase orders, invoicing, cash sales, and vendor bills, availability for both standard and custom forms, and easy-to-use interface are salient features of this advanced NetSuite functionality. Its deployment helps the users take more informed buying decisions as it renders insights into inventory levels for each company location. Moreover, automating order promising, allocation, orchestration, and execution processes. It helps businesses diligently fulfill orders on global inventory availability and business compliances.

Why NetSuite?

Breaking the odds, cloud-based business management solution has helped many business organizations witness exponential growth through automation, data-driven insights, and other financial management capabilities.

Deploying NetSuite ERP, businesses can get the following advantages:

  • Delayed process of order to cash often impact an organization’s productivity quite negatively. In such a case, administrators can steer acceleration to this process by 50% with the deployment of NetSuite. Particularly, manufacturing industries can make the most of this capability to increase efficiency, answer the challenging trends, and meet customer’s demand with proficiency.
  • This cloud-based management solution delivers an interactive platform for increasing collaboration around the projects, which helps gain strategic competitive advantage. This facilitates constant communication with customers and improve delivery services to ensure complete satisfaction.
  • Fastening the closing financials is one of the key benefits of this cloud-based management solution. Gaining massive attraction worldwide, numerous business organizations are looking forward to the introduction of NetSuite ERP India to grow business and experience a notable buildout. Quick respond to regulatory and market changes, fully auditable business processes, enterprise analytics, and modernized systems to speed growth are some of the key benefits of employing this management solution.
  • With the conventional or traditional methods to manage business operations, most of the organizations found it extremely troublesome to take instantaneous decisions in challenging scenarios. NetSuite ERP helps businesses to make better and more informed decisions, based on real-time data and reporting, and personalized dashboards.
  • Allowing access to the workforce from anywhere at any time, it helps business organization drive productivity and close monitoring over the efficacy of all the business operations. Moreover, offering a lower cost of ownership, eliminating upfront and ongoing IT expenses, and delivering automatic product upgrades, NetSuite is the most preferred business management solution to witness considerable buildout.

Orchestrated to scale businesses and help them manage critical operations with burgeoning growth, NetSuite leads the path to drive digital transformation within an organization. It provides suitable tools to accelerate growth and steer innovation, whether its advanced financials or supply chain management. It stands out to be the top-notch solution for comprehensive financial management, integrated budgeting, customer relationship management, procurement, and global business management. With such active engagement over its exclusive functionalities, businesses are anticipated to experience all those fruit-bearing benefits of NetSuite India that it has already rendered in other parts of the world.

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