Latest Features for Manufacturers: NetSuite 2018.1

Latest Features for Manufacturers: NetSuite 2018.1

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NetSuite offers comprehensive functionality and is specifically designed to help manufacturers of all sizes reduce operating costs, increase revenue and better manage their business and supply chain processes overall. From the shop floor to the top floor—Netsuite’s cloud manufacturing software keeps the modern manufacturer in sync.

The latest version i.e. NetSuite 2018.1 is embedded with significant utility features to support manufacturing industries in their business operations. Here, mentioning the key features which can impact the business of manufacturing organizations huge:

Advanced Bill of Material Enhancements

A Bill of material works like a smallest yet most important unit for manufacturing industries. NetSuite keeps on improving this feature with every release to support them in inventory control. In NetSuite 2018.1, Bill of Material is advanced with the following features:

  • Addition of custom fields to the BOM components records and revisions records.

  • Enhanced web services to facilitate easy integration with other systems such as your PLM to the BOM records

  • Ability to link easily other BOMs and assembly records to the BOM record.

  • Automatic copying of routings when copying the BOM.

  • Ability to set effective end dates when a new revision is created.

Supply Chain Control

This is a global time-phased view that summarizes your current and future inventory position across your global supply chain. This helps in figuring out when and where demand is beginning to outpace or fall behind the plan and when and where supply is beginning to outpace or fall behind demand along with how inventory is growing beyond or falling behind planned levels. Here are the latest advancements in Supply chain Control:

  • Ability to visually monitor your inventory, demand, and supply across your entire global supply chain

  • Time phased view to help identify future imbalances in demand and supply

  • Filter and drill down into transactions to take action directly from the Tower

  • Export the entire grid to Excel for further analysis

Inbound Shipment Management

Considering its requirement, this feature was introduced in 2017.2 and now its update 2018.1 adds several important enhancements which are as follows:

  • Enter landed cost (freight, brokerage fees, duties, etc. ) against the inbound shipment record

  • Multicurrency enabled

  • Multiple ways to allocate the costs (value, quantity, weight)

  • Use of SuiteScript to add complex logic and calculations to personalize for your companies’ specific needs.

Quality Management Updates

Quality Management was an individual module in update 2017.2. In previous versions, it was available with advanced manufacturing. In 2018.1, NetSuite has introduced several new enhancements in Quality Control which are as follows:

  • Available for use with Standard Manufacturing

  • Quality Management can be triggered from an assembly or manufacturing activity or receipt of finished goods now

  • Ability to perform inspections from a tablet (iPad, Android)

  • Ability to capture image from the tablet interface and automatically attach to the quality record.

The above mentioned latest features can reduce time and man-power drastically and provide immense ease to manufacturers.

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