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  • What Is ERP & CRM Integration? Exploring Benefits Of An Integrated System

    Digital Marketing 1422 Views
    Digital transformation is a systematic approach to gain efficiencies in critical business processes while ensuring high level of visibility into those processes. To stay ahead in the competition, organizations not only require 360-degree view of customers but also of operations. In nutshell, the success of business depends on the back office and the front office...... Read More
  • How Do Managed IT Services Help Optimize Your Budget?

    Digital Marketing 761 Views
    An upgraded and advanced IT infrastructure is required to compete with the growing businesses, industries and domains entailing IT services into their operations. However, most businesses find it difficult to keep their IT infrastructure operating at maximum levels and manage ballooning costs associated with that objective simultaneously. This is one of the major challenges global...... Read More
  • NetSuite SuiteCommerce Vs Magento – Head to Head

    Digital Marketing 767 Views
    Finding the right ecommerce solution for your business is a daunting task. Apart from scalability, stability, flexibility and integration, there are many other aspects which you need to consider while selecting the right ecommerce platform for your business. Oracle NetSuite SuiteCommerce & Magento are two industry leading ecommerce solutions. But which one is best, we...... Read More
  • How Can Netsuite Address The Pain Points Of Wholesale Distribution Industry?

    Digital Marketing 1186 Views
    For wholesale distribution industry, one of the biggest challenges includes tracking and fulfilling orders, managing receivables, and inventory management. Furthermore, wholesalers and distributors require real-time data related to inventory levels across different branches in order to optimize storage and streamline movement of goods. If the distribution centers are located across different countries then this will...... Read More
  • Steer Productivity In Resource Allocation With 2019 Release 2 Project And Billing Management Enhancements

    Digital Marketing 803 Views
    Assigning and managing assets in a way that deliver extensive assistance to an organization’s strategic goals is what resource allocation stands for. It involves the process of managing tangible assets as well as make the best use of their human capital. In such a case, deploying NetSuite 2019 Release 2 Project and Billing Management Enhancements...... Read More
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