• Appointment Automation with NetSuite

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    Appointment scheduling or meeting scheduling tools allows businesses and professionals to manage appointments and bookings. Customer appointment management and scheduling is very important for retailers, wholesale distribution , manufacturing and export houses. NetSuite has its own appointment scheduling tools and features which can be integrate with any of the third-party applications. One significant benefit or...... Read More
  • How to Select the Right Order Management System (OMS) for Omni-Channel Retail Operations?

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    An omnichannel solution refers not only to the merchant’s ability to meet these needs—but in doing so integrates the various customer engagement channels and provides a seamless customer experience. A customer might be looking for the perfect pair of shoes, finds them online but wants to try them on before buying. Once instore, the customer...... Read More
  • How manufacturing industrial troubles can be resolved with NetSuite

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    As compared to earlier times, manufacturing industry has seen a lot of changes in terms of technology that is used to perform the production work. While it could be easy to keep track of less amount of records in a small-sized manufacturing business with legacy systems, it is certainly not possible for large sized enterprises....... Read More
  • Reasons to go for an eCommerce ERP integration

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    eCommerce is a broad term that signifies a channel that allows you to offer online sales to your customers. On the other hand, ERP like Microsoft’s Navision or NetSuite; refers to an entire business management system that helps you correctly manage all business data as well as back-office operations. eCommerce as a sales channel is...... Read More
  • How can NetSuite contribute in growth of your business?

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      In the fastest emerging market, companies are on a look-out for constant growth in their respective domains. Many businesses that start out without the ERP tool, later feel the need to switch to more flexible platform to support consistent growth of the organization. To take advantage of coming opportunities, they need to evaluate everything...... Read More
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