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Businesses To Brace and Be Ready For Budgeting Season

Businesses To Brace and Be Ready For Budgeting Season

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Businesses remain cautious as budgeting season comes closer. In India, the new financial year is heading up and your finance team must be hoping to wrap up the annual budget before their set yearly deadline. Growing businesses need to set plans and identify trending opportunities for accelerating profitability. Accurate and efficient budgeting helps ensure organizational success.

As finance business experts believe, organizations can follow 3 simple steps to make the actual budgeting process less hassling than usual.


  • Before you get into the budgeting process, reevaluate your business goals, expectations and you’re your execution with executive leadership. Here, connecting with an acclaimed NetSuite Partner in India holding rich experience and expertise in Indian Taxation Management around GST and TDS, etc. can do wonders.
  • As a Business Leader, you need to establish goals and outline assumptions for achievement that your entire team members understand and agree upon.
  • The next step is to identify all stakeholders who will be involved in the budgeting process.

Data collection

  • Data collection can be tedious and can make budgeting difficult. Moreover, manual data collection invites errors automatically. Here, leveraging the core capabilities of NetSuite ERP’s cloud-based Planning and Budgeting Tool can ease the complexity to a great extent.
  • It helps finance professionals save hours and clearly outline all sources of data needed for the budgeting process and establish a cadence of collection.
  • Many business organizations turn to a single, integrated system that will aggregate all the data. This readily helps their finance team to have a comprehensive and 360-degree view of their performance for proper and accurate budgeting.

Efficient Tools

  • Business leaders need to adopt new and inventive technology. Cloud planning and budgeting software solutions including NetSuite ERP solutions are completely changing the way planning teams do their budgeting and analysis.
  • You can leverage simple and customizable templates to simplify understanding of the solution and improve collaboration between teams.
  • Rolling forecasts enable your finance teams to revisit budgets regularly and forecast where necessary, based on new information. Typically, a rolling forecast extends 6-12 months into the future, giving businesses the agility to better allocate resources and prepare to manage through disruption.

Planning and Budgeting now are critical for growing businesses to scale up and lead the competitive edge. Before it gets too hap-hazardous, sit down with the team and check if completing your annual budget can go flawless.

How NetSuite ERP solutions can help?

NetSuite Planning and Budgeting is fast, reliable, and flexible ensuing your data is up to date. The data connection is designed to be maintained and managed by finance from the NetSuite interface without the need for IT to make any adjustments. It facilitates both company-wide and departmental planning with modeling capabilities, approval workflows, and reporting.

Being a cloud-based planning and budgeting solution, it enables you to access data in real-time. More accessibility means more participation and accountability. This helps business leaders drive more meaningful inputs and increase engagement.

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