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NetSuite Warehouse Management Improves Pick Path Efficiency and Reduces Handling Costs

NetSuite Warehouse Management Improves Pick Path Efficiency and Reduces Handling Costs

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Summary: This write-up talks about the significance and benefits of leverage a robust warehouse management software solution, NetSuite Warehouse Management and how thriving warehouses can take a lead by leveraging this technology enhancement.

The deployment of NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WMS) helps growth-seeking businesses optimize their day-to-day warehouse operations.

For the most part, NetSuite WMS delivers extensive industry-leading practices, such as

  • Mobile RF Barcode Scanning
  • Defined Strategies For Putaway and Picking
  • Task Management
  • Return Authorization Receipts
  • Cycle Count Plans.

In general, warehouse operations come with hundreds or even thousands of SKUs to handle and across multiple locations. In such a case, warehouse management becomes a manual, chaotic, and inefficient process if you are relying on spreadsheets. Here, by leveraging NetSuite ERP for Warehouse Management helps eliminate manual processes and readily minimizes handling costs. Above all, you can run your warehouses more efficiently and consistently meeting customer expectations without a hitch.

Mobile Processing

With NetSuite Warehouse Management, business administrators can perform warehouse processes on a mobile device. This readily improves inventory accuracy and minimizes the time spent searching for and handling goods. Additionally, users can complete important tasks—Right from receiving and storing items to picking and shipping them most efficiently.

Inventory Visibility

Once an item or goods is scanned, the NetSuite WMS mobile application immediately updates or creates the proper transaction and associated inventory data in NetSuite. These capabilities provide transaction and inventory transparency across the entire organization.

Connected Applications

With the deployment of NetSuite Warehouse Management, businesses can eliminate the need to synchronize information between two systems. As a suite of connected applications, NetSuite WMS seamlessly communicates with inventory management, order fulfillment, and manufacturing systems. These functionalities ensure all team members are working on the same, real-time data.

NetSuite Warehouse Management Benefits

  • You can improve data capture and accuracy via a mobile device which ensures accurate capture of item, lot and serial numbers when goods are received.
  • NetSuite Warehouse Management System delivers better inventory visibility and assists in tracking inventory in real-time as goods move through the warehouse.
  • Get optimized space utilization to ensure your products have adequate space, and you can store fastest moving goods or products near fulfillment areas.
  • Warehouse businesses can boost labor productivity and perform important tasks such as receiving and storing items, picking and shipping them efficiently.
  • NetSuite Warehouse Management readily increases order fill rates and accuracy and use efficient pick paths and opportunistic multi-order picking.
  • You can ensure higher customer satisfaction, deliver orders quickly, and minimize mis-picks and inaccurate fulfillment with data validation.

NetSuite Warehouse Management System Features

Inbound Logistics

NetSuite Warehouse Management System helps growing businesses with mobile receiving and predefined putaway strategies. You can make the best of these business strategies to ensure goods are received accurately. Also, you can capture and record relevant data, and store items in a way that best utilizes warehouse space.

Order Fulfillment

NetSuite Warehouse Management helps ensure orders are filled quickly and accurately using wave release.

Mobile Warehouse Management

The NetSuite WMS mobile application allows business administrators or inventory planners to perform daily tasks associated with receiving, putaway, picking, and packing directly from a mobile device. For the most part, this elevates operational efficiency, eliminates human error, and renders accurate data with real-time visibility.

Bin Management

NetSuite WMS delivers robust functionality to manage inventory using bins. Also, NetSuite Warehouse Management enables locations without bins, such as retail stores and small warehouses, to benefit from the efficiency of mobile picking.

Additionally, you can make the most of NetSuite Warehouse Management to create wave transactions on a mobile device and perform order processing without a hassle. Also, you can perform inventory management tasks, define stock locations, associate them with goods, and view stock locations assigned to goods from a mobile device.

Cycle Counting

NetSuite Smart Count is an inventory cycle counting solution specifically engineered to help warehouse business organizations to increase the efficiency and accuracy of management. It readily automates inventory counts without freezing transactions in the entire location. For the most part, the inventory level used for the count is taken at the time the count starts for each individual item.

Also, Smart Count keeps track of transactions that take place for the goods being counted. In case, there is any activity during the count, NetSuite automatically alerts counters to help them react appropriately.

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