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NetSuite for Discrete Manufacturing Let Business Thrive In With Adaptability and Scalability

NetSuite for Discrete Manufacturing Let Business Thrive In With Adaptability and Scalability

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Summary: This write-up talks about the business advantages NetSuite for Discrete Manufacturing steers for production units, and supply chain businesses, and helps businesses elevate growth trajectory.

ERP Software for Discrete Manufacturing like NetSuite helps businesses functioning on a single, integrated cloud solution. With the deployment of NetSuite for Discrete Manufacturers, you can replace the disconnected or legacy systems that often cost manufacturers quite heavily. For the most part, NetSuite ERP delivers a comprehensive functionality and is specifically engineered to assist thriving manufacturers in reducing operating costs and multiplying revenue. Additionally, one can better manage their business and supply chain processes overall.

For the most part, NetSuite ERP for Manufacturing renders a power-packed, vertically integrated solution to help production units manage their business more profitably. Discrete Manufacturers can manage everything—right from Order-to-Cash through Build-to-Ship. Moreover, NetSuite ERP for Manufacturing allows modern-day manufacturers to effectively plan their shop floor and increase capacity.

NetSuite Discrete Manufacturing ERP Software

NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing allows Discrete or Assembly Manufacturers to run core business operations by providing deep industry functionality.

These functionalities cover

  • Parameterized Configuration Options By Location
  • Configurable Work Order Completion Logic
  • Enhanced Data Collection

Additionally, the Comprehensive Manufacturing Work Bench Record includes’

  • Enhanced Operations Routings
  • Primary And Alternate Finite Planning Parameters
  • Labor Requirements And Detailed Work Instructions

Additional features of NetSuite for Discrete Manufacturers

  • Configurable Shop Floor Travelers (Bar Code Enabled)
  • Rough-Cut Capacity Planning
  • Dynamic Schedule Codes
  • Finite Production Scheduling
  • Improved Work Order Release Capabilities

Functionality for Batch or Process Manufacturers

NetSuite ERP for Manufacturing Business is specifically engineered for batch or process manufacturers. For the most part, it covers all the functionality outlined for discrete manufacturing.

These include

  • Alternate Assets and Detailed Work Instructions for Recipe/Formulation Management.
  • Supports FIFO Material Issuance For Raw And Bulk Lot Controlled Items
  • Batch Travelers With Automatic Batch Lot ID For Full Lot Track  Traceability
  • Enhanced Material Issuance Control
  • Supports Full MES and Manufacturing Operations Management Capabilities

Mobile Capability

NetSuite ERP for Discrete Manufacturing comes with the native mobile feature set. It readily extends its support to fully integrated barcode scanning and wireless tablet functionality.

Additionally, production units can avail of real-time Manufacturing Execution System (MES) reporting capabilities for

  • Express  Data Entry
  • Work Order Completion
  • Material Issuance
  • Downtime
  • Actual Labor or Machine Hours

Work Orders and Assemblies

This functionality is best suited for manufacturing companies or production units, that do some light assembly but do not track work in process or the labor separately. Here, with the deployment of NetSuite ERP for Manufacturing, You can make the most of WIP & Routings and add the ability to define work centers, routings, track labor costing, and infinite capacity scheduling. Also, this cloud-based ERP for Discrete Manufacturing delivers a Gantt chart with drag-and-drop functionality to closely check order and assembly management, and make more data-driven, well-informed decisions.

Furthermore, NetSuite Discrete Manufacturing ERP Software delivers extensive capabilities to businesses looking for complete control of all aspects of their manufacturing processes, including finite capacity scheduling and manufacturing execution.

How Oracle NetSuite Enables Discrete Manufacturers to Optimise Their Business Efficiency?

Visibility of Stock

Experts recommend managing production time and machine set-ups separately as both discrete manufacturing operations differ greatly. However, if you operate using disconnected or disparate systems, you may find it tiresome to meet multiple product requirements associated with each. Moreover, it directly impacts operational efficiencies leading to cost savings and enhanced business profits. With access to real-time data on available stock across all processes, discrete manufacturers can get a sophisticated inventory management system in place.

Here, Oracle NetSuite ERP for Discrete Manufacturing comes with an integrated cloud solution that ascertains one version of the truth when it comes to robust inventory management. For the most part, one can have all materials scanned for real-time data on the movement of materials around the production plant. This readily ensures no production downtime due to fast-moving parts being unavailable or obsolescence through over-stocking of slow-moving parts. Additionally, production planners can optimally use warehouse space when inventory is controlled.

Production Planning

Interestingly, resource capacity planning is a real pain point for discrete manufacturers. Discrete manufacturers may find it difficult to measure the production capacity in any factory with the processes in discrete manufacturing being individual and variable operation rates.

For the most part, NetSuite ERP Software for Discrete Manufacturing offers a complete, 360-degree overview of the current workload at any one time. With such inventive and adaptive capabilities, one can reallocate resources as required and prioritize orders or deliveries to improve customer service.  

Additionally, NetSuite ERP for Manufacturing includes

  • Labor Requirements
  • Configurable Work Orders And Instructions
  • Finite Production Scheduling to allow a full, advanced Manufacturing Execution System

Profit Margins with Better Insights

NetSuite ERP for Discrete Manufacturing delivers real-time data and an at-a-glance overview of all business operations and production performance. Also, the extensive reporting functionality within NetSuite ascertains that past and current information, as well as forecasts, are easily accessible. With such adaptive and scalable capabilities, manufacturing units can analyze invaluable data to facilitate actionable insights and improve production efficiencies, hence increasing business profits.

Standardized and Quality Monitoring

Manufacturing units can readily control quality in a power-packed production environment that operates various assembly lines and produces multiple components. For the most part, NetSuite for Discrete Manufacturers offers an integrated quality management function to support quality and inspection criteria. With the deployment of such an extensive manufacturing solution, you can avail of customizable records with statistical parameters, and LOT serial numbers.

On a Conclusive Note,

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