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What is ERP?

What is ERP?

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When you search for “ERP”, you will come across a number of options, making you confused. Hopping from one website to another, you will see that ERP has so many definitions on so many websites that even makes it a powerful business tool. A deeper understanding of ERP functionality from below section will help you get an understanding of it to transform your business.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software that is essential to perform various processes to run a business such as accounting, human resource, inventory, order management, CRM, and beyond. There are many ERPs out there, among which NetSuite Cloud ERP proves to be the best business management software. The ERP system at its most basic stage is an integrated form of various functions into a single system to manage information across entire organization. The fundamental feature of every ERP system is a shared database that supports various functions simultaneously and you can rely for every information on this system regarding accounting, sales, etc. for your specific needs.

Since ERP software also offer some synchronized reporting and automation, your employees don’t need to manually maintain separate databases and spreadsheets. Also, some ERP solutions allow the staff to pull reports from a single system that reduces the effort to extract information from different systems. For example, automatically flowing sales orders into the financial system without any manual interference can process the information more quickly and accurately.

Present day ERP has expanded to encompass BI (business intelligence) along with handling the front-office functions such as sales force automation, marketing automation and ecommerce. With all such product advancements, and success stories out there, a broad range of organizations are opting for ERP solutions.

ERP as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution offers cloud computing that helps in fueling the growth. Cloud-based solutions make the ERP software more affordable, since these are easy to implement and manage. Also, the cloud-based ERPs enable real-time BI and reporting that makes systems more valuable for having proper visibility into the business. As a result, all-sized companies are shifting to cloud ERP systems via NetSuite ERP development, which is expected grow even more in the coming years.

At its core, ERP software are known to break down barriers between multiple business units and help employees perform their work more efficiently. ERP holds a great business value, for a business needs to have real-time and correct data to enable companies to drive consistent improvements. NetSuite Expert is a place, where you can get huge benefits from NetSuite ERP India in form of improved financial compliance with regulatory standards. We help your automate core business operations like order-to-fulfillment, procure-to-pay and other processes within committed time that eventually enhances the customer service level.

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