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Ultimate Go-Live Checklist for Netsuite Solution Provider

Ultimate Go-Live Checklist for Netsuite Solution Provider

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There are times, when NetSuite implementations face unnecessary challenges due to unclear plans and they go wrong at the hands of consultants. Implementing an ERP is a task that involves a number of practices apart from time, huge resource involvement and money. Thus, the process requires huge awareness to hire the right consultant and avoid any mistakes at his end. The real test involves the go-live period, which decides the true capabilities of your ERP. Lack in testing can lead to troubles later due to holdup software bugs and also make the project team unable to get right understanding of the software due to lack of learning. This entire process can further lead to inadequate documentation and poorly trained end users that later on creates much confusion within an organization.

Since inadequate testing can lead to major problems or even failure of a project, your NetSuite solution provider should rightly follow below listed go-live checklist steps:

  • Process setup and testing that includes UAT (user accepting testing) process and process templates; end user training based on UAT process templates; system clean up (deletion of test data); and lock access to NetSuite.

  • Data migration stage that covers CSV import of vendors, customers and items; historical financial data; and open transactions.

  • Opening balances and inventory comprising inventory worksheet vs inventory adjustment; journal entries for current year’s opening balances; review of the financial reports; delta transactions, go-live date.

NetSuite Expert understands the intricacies related to ERP software implementation and works by following pre go-live checklist. We offer NetSuite customization and multiple other consulting services with help of our team of truly skilled NetSuite service providers. Our consultants go through entire implementation process to assess all risks before execution phase. Although the final testing checklist varies for each organization’s implementation process, we have got your back with our team of excellent NetSuite consultants to implement the ERP rightly and in the quickest duration possible.

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