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Standardize Your Customer Shopping Experience with NetSuite for Retail Industry 

Standardize Your Customer Shopping Experience with NetSuite for Retail Industry 

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What is NetSuite Retail ERP Software?

NetSuite for Retail is a single, integrated solution to manage your entire retail business. This ERP renders a complete, 360-degree view of the customer across all channels and touchpoints.By leveraging this ERP software solution for retail, businesses can avail of support for multiple locations, channels and brands from a single platform. Additionally, it offers real-time inventory visibility across all channels and helps manage cross-channel order and fulfillment. Marketing managers can use this application best to centrally manage all pricing and promotions by targeting and segmenting offers. It offers easy customization to help retail businesses meet specific requirements and that too without burdening the pocket and any other hassles. 

What Businesses Can Do with NetSuite Retail ERP Solutions?

Revive the In-Store Experience 

This ERP for Retail Industry transforms the in-store experience and delivers true omnichannel shopping with a modern POS solution that unifies the physical and digital shopping experiences. Using a mobile device, empower your sales associates with complete inventory and customer information to engage customers more effectively, drive more sales and provide a satisfying shopping experience.  

Offer Cross-Channel Functionality 

Support cross-channel cycles, for example, purchase online/pickup coming up, purchase on the web/return to store and request available/satisfy from anyplace. NetSuite’s single ecommerce stage empowers you to overcome any barrier across channels and fulfill the present customers. 

Know Their Customers Better 

With NetSuite, which is considered the best Retail ERP Software by industry experts, you get a complete view of each customer so that you can deliver personalized service, construct client loyalty and give a pertinent, engaging shopping experience with your image. See their buy history and correspondences with your organization and whether they collaborated with your image on the web, at a physical store area or with an agent. Give customized promoting to your clients in light of their buy history or demographics. Retail businesses can offer 24 x 7 customers self-service options to view their online purchase history, reorder, and get answers for their queries.   

Increase Online Commerce Experiences and Engagement across All Devices 

NetSuite for Retail Industry makes it easy to deliver a personalized and engaging experience to your customers online with any device—desktop, smartphones and tablets, using our SuiteCommerce platform. Build a high-influence web store starting from the earliest stage with easy to-utilize devices. An unlocked web store incorporates straightforwardly into your business, dispensing with time spent physically moving requests from your web store to stock, delivery and bookkeeping. Promotions and Discounts are rapidly and effortlessly reached out to the web, and tax and transportation charges for online and offline deals are kept steady. You can deal with different web stores and list organizations all at a single instance. With such capabilities, NetSuite ERP for Retail enables a global web presence, with multiple language and currency options plus built-in customs documentation for shipping.  

Improve Order Management

Particularly, for manufacturing and retail industry, order management is the Heart of the Business. By leveraging the core capabilities of NetSuite ERP, you can meet customer expectations to buy, fulfill and return anywhere while expanding productivity by incorporating request the board and having a solitary perspective on stock across all channels and the store network. NetSuite Request The board gives the capacity to meet and surpass rising client assumptions for omnichannel satisfaction while boosting profitability and improving stock. 

Prompt in Marketing Campaigns and Promotions 

NetSuite for Retail Industry offers extensive marketing campaign and promotional capabilities to help you find new customers, empower rehash business and increase average sale size. You can make and execute exceptionally focused on, customized email crusades inside NetSuite, as well as oversee paid and online hunt and partner promoting. 

With shut circle advertising, you can see incomes and figure out return for capital invested for all missions progressively. NetSuite’s robotized upsell and strategically pitch usefulness allows you to offer extra items at the register or in the web store. NetSuite likewise gives limited time capacities, for example, numerous limiting choices, volume pricing, and customer-specific discounts. 

Get a Unified View of Your Business 

With NetSuite, transaction data flows from all of your retail channels to your warehouse and procurement departments. Invoice and expense data flows to the finance department and customer data flows to the marketing department. This gives the suitable individuals in your association real-time information into deals, stock and clients across all channels and works with better navigation. 

NetSuite ERP System for Retail Business Features 


  • Real-Time Financials and Accounting— Realize your numbers across all store areas, commercial centers and internet business with a demonstrated monetary administration framework that assists you with grasping benefit and develop your business.
  • Insight and Analytics— Businesses can avail of real-time access to the financial and operational performance and identify key spots for improvement. 
  • Automated Operations—You can drive active automation across transaction flow and drop down manual data entry to prevent errors and improve time to value.
  • Risk and Compliance Management— NetSuite for Retail Industry assists in maintaining compliance with applicable accounting standards while rendering more control and allowing audit trails.

In-Store POS 

  • Transform the In-Store Experience— Empower your business partners to draw in with clients anyplace in the store with a portable POS gadget that assists you with speeding up the exchange cycle, while conveying customized client support. 
  • Empower Sales Associates—Retail businesses can access customer insights like customer preference, interaction, and transaction history for more targeted recommendations. 
  • Cross-Channel Fulfillment— Offer customers a combination of cross-channel request and satisfaction choices, similar to purchase online pickup coming up or purchase online return coming up, so they can look over where they request, get and bring items back. 
  • Save the Sale—You can drive extensive profitability with more product choices, and better convenience with an ‘endless aisle’ of products. 


  • Consistent and Relevant Customer Experiences— Give each and every individual who connects with client — sales, support and service— access to real-time client information. These may include interests, interactions, and transactions.  
  • Automated Multi-channel Marketing Campaigns— With NetSuite for Retail Industry, you can create, track and analyze multi-channel marketing campaigns via email or events—in a single application.  
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction—You can create and automate case management processes. This helps customers submit cases online, review the status, and reply with follow-up communications. 
  • Accelerate Case Resolution— This ERP helps expedite resolution time by assigning, managing, and routing customer support cases from multiple communications channels.  

Inventory Management

  • Inventory and Supplier Relations— This Retail ERP helps optimize inventory utilization, drop down handling cost, maximize cash flow, and render products to your customers as and when they want them. 
  • Centralized Inventory Management— You can witness inventory optimization with minimized stock out levels. Demand-based planning takes into count historical demand, sales forecasts, and seasonality. Retailers can boost profitability by managing inventory more efficiently with company-wide inventory visibility. 
  • Reduce Shipping Costs—Decrease cost of goods sold by minimizing the number of times an item is physically moved while in the warehouse.

Order Management 

  • Buy Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere, Return Anywhere— NetSuite for Retail Industry ensures consistent, efficient order management across all channels and satisfaction choices all through the request life cycle, empowering organizations to follow through on client expectations and boost profits. 
  • Increase revenue and customer lifetime value with cross-channel inventory and order management, flexible order fulfillment options. 
  • On Time Delivery—Reduce shipping cost by setting rules to send from the nearest area. Most presumably, this is one of those key abilities that makes NetSuite the Best ERP for Retail and organizations to select it to acquire successful proficiency. 
  • Seamless Cross-Channel Customer Interactions— Save the sale by empowering employees with enterprise-wide inventory visibility and fulfill from wherever inventory is held.  


  • Engaging Shopping Experiences—Since ecommerce is natively integrated with the back-office systems, a single source of customer, order, inventory data is utilized to revive your website and help you deliver a more relevant and engaging e-shopping experience. 
  • Any Device— You can create content once and automatically adjust site screen sizes and capabilities for different devices with responsive design. 
  • Increased Conversions— NetSuite for Retail Industry helps multiply sales with flexible promotions and relevant product recommendations. These recommendations are generally based on merchant-driven rules like browsing behavior or best sellers. 
  • High Customer Satisfaction— You can give shoppers easy access to manage their accounts, track order status, request returns and submit inquiries without having to call customer support.

To make the most of this ERP for Retail and drive active customer engagement, you can connect with an accredited and acclaimed NetSuite Solution Provider—NetSuiteExpert. Our NetSuite Consultants are adept with industry-specific expertise and leverage their years of experience in offering a scalable and uncompromised to fit to your business requirements effectively. 

For more details around NetSuite for Retail Industry, write to us at info@netsuiteexpert.in  Or Schedule A Demo 

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