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Role of SaaS and Cloud Computing in Transforming Professional Services

Role of SaaS and Cloud Computing in Transforming Professional Services

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Companies of every size in almost every industry are facing huge competition due to globalization and various technological advancements. Companies today not just compete with their peers, but they have to compete with companies from around the globe. In contrast to this, web is helping customers to meet their needs by making it easier to find new suppliers offering best deal near their location.

With growing technology advancements, several companies are facing financial challenges due to economic uncertainty and aiming at reducing everyday expenses to protect their gain. On the other hand, this has led many companies to reduce their staff size to reduce the cost spent. It also somewhere leads to greater reliance on offshore resources, third-party suppliers and additional companies. Increasingly, traditional client-server solutions go wrong to meet complex business needs. They have to become more evident than with larger, enterprises-level organizations.

The Emergence of SaaS Has Broader Cloud Computing Alternatives

Many famous IT personalities have questioned the value of traditional IT operating models. Their ideas have driven various companies to consider as well as adopt new generation of web solutions that are referred to as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). Apart from these, many consumer-oriented websites like eBay and Amazon have made it easier to buy and sell via web. Rather than buying and maintaining the software themselves, users can simply subscribe to SaaS solutions to take advantage of application functionality.

This could be a vital shift because enterprise apps are usually too expensive and difficult to implement by companies. They require upfront investment of a perpetual license, additional hardware costs and staff costs for proper application support. Unfortunately, one third of the software projects fail to complete and cause more cost than twice. According to another survey, it is found that over 90% SaaS users are satisfied with service quality and plan to renew or expand their service usage.

Legacy applications have never successfully achieved similar satisfaction or referral rates. On the contrary, the success of SaaS has opened the door for an array of cloud computing alternatives to the conventional data center technologies. Success of SaaS has also opened the door for organizations to take advantage of the cloud computing.

The Difference between SaaS and Cloud Computing

Unlike previous application service providers, present day SaaS solution and cloud computing services offer tangible business profits. Because SaaS and cloud computing doesn’t require same level of effort and upfront cost to be implemented, they offer more value with less risk. In addition to this, various SaaS solutions and cloud computing services can be tested to check how they fit to the business processes of a company. In today’s cloud computing services and SaaS solutions, apart from offering the use of multi-user access and real-time collaboration, user tracking and reporting capabilities are also provided.

What SaaS & Cloud Computing Means to Professional Services

Professional Services firms must recognize the growth of SaaS and cloud computing movement and cloud ERP for professional services. They should also recognize their benefits from these web-based solutions. Just like their customers, PS companies face high escalating competition that they need to combat, while attempting to respond to the rising customer demands. Due to typical operational style of PS companies, the organizational structure has made it tough for them to fully leverage their spread personnel and work. Leading PS firms are restructuring their companies to capitalize over the efficiencies of new web-based alternatives.

All this information makes the trends clear that SaaS and cloud computing are here to stay! In case you are looking to purchase a SaaS or cloud computing services or ERP for professional services from a dependable NetSuite solution provider NetSuite Expert is here to help you at competitive prices. We surpass your expectations with our

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