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Oracle NetSuite Release 2019.1: An Overview On Rest Features

Oracle NetSuite Release 2019.1: An Overview On Rest Features

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Since the announcement has been made by Oracle about NetSuite release 2019.1, we are regularly writing updates on the upcoming features that are going to be revealed by March to April 2019. Almost all the updated features have been disclosed by us. Now we are here with the rest ones.
NetSuite Features:

SuiteApp Distribution
SuiteApp Distribution refers to the SuiteBundler and SuiteApp listing capabilities that enable you to distribute customizations to accounts. Further, SuiteApp marketplace permission replaced the existing Suitebundler permission and added few more features fulfilling your business needs.

SuiteBuilder Customization
NetSuite updated SuiteBuilder to ensure tax calculation accuracy. Additional languages are added and BFO library is updated to support PDF/HTML templates. Such languages are Arabic and Hebrew. Few more features are included in terms of custom record type configuration page, custom record names in saved search results and many more.

Suite Analytics
Various user compelling features will take place in SuiteAnalytics. Dashboard’s UI design will be more intuitive. Advanced reporting features will increase your business insights and improved search capabilities will offer an appealing deal to your shoppers. Moreover, Workbook feature will support your various functionalities.

Now there will be a feature to set and rename the release status. New features in SuiteFlow will allow you with greater control over your workflows even you can also disable any workflow execution. Enhanced ability in SuiteFlow will ensure managing advanced business practices.

SuiteTalk (Web Services)
Functionalities to support developer point of view are included to SuiteTalk (Web Service) integration. Various updated that are included in Araxis Diff File will be an assisting factor for developers to ensure your exact coding requirement.

Various feature upgrades in SuiteApps will offer advanced accounting management, order management, manufacturing management and more. It will also simplify your taxation, vendor billing, purchasing record types, electronic invoicing, banking, shipping and more.

Businesses seeking to upgrade their business processes can take recourse of this NetSuite release 2019.1. Well, Oracle NetSuite offers upgrades two times in a year in order to fulfill the rising need of developing businesses.

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