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NetSuite Order Management Channelizes Customer Shopping Experience Optimally

NetSuite Order Management Channelizes Customer Shopping Experience Optimally

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NetSuite advanced order management renders an ultimate customer experience to help businesses improve their customers’ shopping experience. By leveraging the core capabilities of Advanced Order Management NetSuite, ecommerce businesses can allow shoppers to buy anywhere, pick up their orders anywhere, and return anywhere. 

Oracle NetSuite Order Management helps businesses execute a wide variety of fulfillment options along with incurring business profits. These may cover direct ship from warehouse, store fulfillment, and drop ship. When you avail of NetSuite Order Management, you can deliver the perfect order every time with omnichannel inventory visibility, order orchestration and order life cycle monitoring, and dashboards.

Why is an Order Management System Important for Your eCommerce Business?

Cross Channel Order Orchestration

With the deployment of NetSuite Work Order Management, you can automate and manage the end-to-end order life cycle.

It covers

  • Order Capture And Validation
  • Order Release
  • Shipment Confirmation
  • Customer Communication
  • Settlement

NetSuite Order Management extends its support for complex processes such as split shipments, drop ship, personalized products, continuity programs, and digital fulfillment. You can make the most of such capability to coordinate all of your fulfillment locations and providers. This way, NetSuite multichannel order management streamlines key operations and ensures routing orders to the most profitable location for fulfillment and shipping.

Fulfillment Execution

Ecommerce businesses can use NetSuite’s pick, pack and ship functionality offered under NetSuite Grid Order Management and integration with key shipping providers to render fulfillment excellence across all locations. Here, connecting with an acclaimed NetSuite Solution Provider like NetSuite Expert can help you optimize the usage of such an application to manage orders with personalization or assemble/make-to-order requirements.

Drop Shipping & Endless Aisle

NetSuite ERP offers the Order Management Software Your Business Needs that comes with an automated, end-to-end, drop-ship fulfillment process. With such capability, you can possibly expand your assortment without increasing warehouse and store footprints. NetSuite order management offers all the functionality required to manage drop-ship programs, driving greater business profitability and that too within a stipulated time.

Inventory Visibility

Ecommerce businesses require inventory visibility across all internal and external supply sources. NetSuite Order Management delivers a comprehensive picture of inventory, spanning warehouses, stores, 3PLs, and drop-ship partners. Business administrators can effectively manage commitments and available-to-promise (ATP) inventory across all channels. They can easily link ecommerce and supply chain to ensure they never overpromise and render customer satisfaction. By leveraging this inventive functionality, you can improve inventory management across all locations using the solution’s robust inventory planning, replenishment, and warehouse management capabilities.

Customer Service

Growing businesses cannot afford unsatisfied customers at any cost. In such a case, customer service representatives and store associates need order management capabilities that deliver relevant, timely information. With the deployment of NetSuite Order Management, you can deliver the information your employees need to answer customers’ queries about product availability, and the ability to place orders, and handle post-order changes and issues.

Connecting with an accredited and acclaimed NetSuite Solution Provider, you can drive maximum business benefits and streamline ecommerce operations via NetSuite Order Management effectively. Our experts deliver rich expertise and years of experience to let you drive inventive and adaptive solutions to take a competitive lead and delight your clientele in the long run. 

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