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NetSuite Inventory Management Lets You Track Trends and Exceed Customer Demand

NetSuite Inventory Management Lets You Track Trends and Exceed Customer Demand

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With the deployment of NetSuite Inventory Management, businesses can avail of a single, real-time view of inventory across all locations and sales channels. These capabilities allow businesses to reduce inventory on hand to free up cash and avoid stockouts simultaneously. 

NetSuite Inventory helps businesses keep inventory costs low while exceeding customer expectations as it readily optimizes inventory levels and ascertains omnichannel product availability 

Automate Inventory Tracking

It is both inefficient and inaccurate to rely on spreadsheets or pen and paper to track inventory. By leveraging the core capabilities of Oracle NetSuite Inventory Management, your business can easily track inventory across multiple locations. This inventively orchestrated software solution automates inventory management in one unified solution and helps you drive accurate results. 

Ultimate Inventory Visibility

Inventive capabilities including real-time, company-wide inventory visibility offered under inventory management in NetSuite helps drive transparency. Business administrators can make the most of such functionalities across warehouses, retail stores, pop-up shops, drop shippers, 3PLs or any other place where you manage or stock inventory. NetSuite Inventory Management enables you to buy anywhere and fulfill anywhere customer experience.

NetSuite Inventory Management Benefits

  • Optimized Inventory Levels— Demand-based planning offered under NetSuite Inventory Management Cost leveraging historical demand, sales forecasts and seasonality ensures that business administrators have the right amount of stock.
  • Increased Profitability— You can manage inventory more efficiently and cost-effectively with company-wide inventory visibility.
  • Low Cost of Goods Sold— Businesses can reduce handling expenses and shipping costs via intelligent fulfillment.

Multi-location Fulfillment

NetSuite Inventory Module renders you the capability to predefine fulfillment rules to mitigate multiple shipments for a single order and avoid excess shipping charges.

This extensively engineered software solution delivers increased visibility into stock across all locations. By leveraging this extensive solution, you can proactively monitor stock levels and sell through. This allows you to transfer inventory between locations as necessary to ensure inventory availability and reduce obsolete inventory. 

This robust solution empowers your sales associates to save potential lost sales in out-of-stock situations with enterprise-wide inventory availability that allows them to transfer, hold or ship items directly to the customer.


NetSuite Inventory Management Software allows business administrators to make the most of lot and serial tracing to back and forward trace inventory. Lot-numbered items track the quantity and specific cost for each lot as products are purchased and manufactured. On the other hand, serializing inventory allows businesses to choose a specific item when you fulfill an order. Together, lot and serial numbers let you define fulfillment strategies, minimizing waste and ensuring efficient inventory usage.

Bin management and defining your merchandise hierarchy also help with traceability. You can matrix items track products by options such as size and color. NetSuite enables appliying automatic updates made to the parent item to sub-items as well. 

To drive optimum business benefits and improve cash flow, you can connect with an accredited and acclaimed NetSuite Solution Provider like NetSuiteExpert. We not only help you modify the way of managing inventory but let you capitalize on trending opportunities and take the competitive edge. 

For more information around NetSuite Inventory Management, write to us at info@netsuiteexpert.in Or Schedule A Demo

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