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NetSuite Announced To Continue Adding Advanced Supply Chain Features

NetSuite Announced To Continue Adding Advanced Supply Chain Features

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During an annual Oracle NetSuite SuiteWorld conference 2019, NetSuite announced to enhance its project – ‘SCOPE’ (Supply Chain Operational Excellence). ‘SCOPE’ project was initiated in the year 2015 by gathering their value customers at their headquarter. Based on customer insights like their challenges and opportunities in supply chain, NetSuite collected a list of features to be added further that can actually help their customers to drive efficiency in their supply chain.

With the objective to overcome the hassles in the supply chain process, 2017 onward, NetSuite started releasing multiple features with its every half-yearly release. Here is a list of such major features that are included so far:

  • Inbound Shipment Management
  • NetSuite WMS (Warehouse Management Services)
  • Inventory Status
  • Quality Management
  • Supply Chain Snapshot
  • Automatic Location Assignment
  • Cross-Subsidiary Fulfillment
  • Engineering Change Orders
  • SuitePeople

Now, let’s get in-depth knowledge about upcoming exciting features:

More Control With ‘Supply Chain Control Tower’
As customers suggested to develop the functionality of single page whereby they can track and monitor their global supply chain and get notified whenever the potential issues’ arise with the ability to solve the same with just a single click. Based on customers’ concern, NetSuite introduced the supply chain control tower feature that is just a start and will be evolving in a timely manner.
Now, NetSuite users will be able to predict the delayed orders, identify potential workarounds and orders that are flag effected.

‘Allocation & Commitment Engine’ To Drive Seamless Demand
As per traditional system, inventory allocation is performed following MRP (Material Requirement Planning) approach. What if your system itself try to optimize how to make use of inventory in the best possible way and allocate the same across channels?
NetSuite is going to release an allocation and commitment engine that will be rules-driven. The system with this approach will continuously optimize the best use of inventory and even help to allocate actual or future inventory to required demand between your selling channels to ensure fulfilling your desired service levels in a timely manner.

‘Update Demand Planning’ To Fulfill Timely Demand
Around the year 2011, NetSuite introduced the demand planning functionality and thereafter started receiving the feedback to work on. Now, NetSuite is going to launch a new demand planning engine. Although it may take multi-year of efforts to expect its fully launching. But yes, you can expect a piece of functionality with its next release.

Supply chain that is effective and result-driven all the times can be proven a milestone for a successful business. If you want to simplify your supply chain or seeking NetSuite implementation, NetSuite Experts can build a fully customized and cost-effective solution addressing your unique needs.

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