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Multiple SuiteCommerce Advanced Microsites

Multiple SuiteCommerce Advanced Microsites

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When you buy a license for an SCA site, you may think that is entirely for one site (and, strictly speaking, it is). However, you can use this license to run multiple microsites. These can be used, for example, to run seemingly standalone sites for seasonal sales, branding or simply separate product lines. There are number of possibilities can range from building microsites in support of driving more product sales, seasonal differentiation, branding, as well as supporting the software development lifecycle.

To do this, you can multiple SSP applications off of one backend, and Bruce is going to take you through how you can set this up and get started with the development lifecycle.

The following is shared between multiple web sites and cannot be changed on a per-site basis:

  • Customer Center orders, items, and cases
  • Web site reports and analytics
  • Custom text on the Customize Web Site Text page
  • Item names and descriptions
  • Category names, descriptions, and images
  • Shipping items/methods
  • Image resizing on the Resize Images page

To set up multiple web sites:

  • Go to Setup > Site Builder > Setup Tasks > Set Up Web Site > New.
  • In the Display Name field, enter a display name as the published name to your site.
  • In the Internal Name field, enter a name for your site that will show in lists and fields in your NetSuite account. Having a different internal name can be useful if you need to note in the name what the site is used for or if you want to publish two sites with the same name that are different internally.
  • Before setting other preferences, click Save. This saves your site in your account and lets you select the new site name when setting up your URL on the domains page.
  • Set up your domain name for this site at Setup > Site Builder > Setup Tasks > Domains. Make sure to select your new site name in the Web Site column.
  • Return to Setup > Site Builder > Setup Tasks > Set Up Web Site. Click Edit next to the site name.
  • You can now set preferences specific to this site, such as theme, logo, and language.
  • Click Save when you have finished setting preferences.

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