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Manage Multiple Business Units and Legal Entities Globally with NetSuite ERP Software

Manage Multiple Business Units and Legal Entities Globally with NetSuite ERP Software

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With the deployment of NetSuite Global Business Management solutions, which is widely used over a substantial number countries and dependent territories globally, you can drive scalability and growth. With NetSuite ERP solutions for Global Business Management, one can manage multiple subsidiaries, business units and legal entities from a single, integrated platform. It renders extensive support for many languages and multi-currency operation to let you work with customers and suppliers around the world. Additionally, it delivers country-specific configurations so that businesses with multiple legal entities can ensure compliance with local accounting, tax, and regulatory requirements without a hassle. By leveraging the core capabilities of this cloud-based ERP solution, you can grab real-time visibility into operational and financial performance. Moreover, NetSuite ERP solutions for Global Business Management enable you to standardize core processes, manage risk, and balance costs at all levels.

Highlights of NetSuite Global Business Management Software

Financial and Operational Efficiencies

With NetSuite ERP Software for business management at global level, you can manage multiple subsidiaries, business units and legal entities via an integrated platform. Your entire organization can use the same system, metrics and processes across all the units. You can find your workforce more productive and run your business more smoothly to improve performance.

Ensure Compliance

This inventively orchestrated cloud-ERP solution lets you grab support for both global standards and country-specific audit, tax and data security requirements. You can come across simplified compliance with complex, ever-changing rules and regulations as well.

Business Performance Insights

Automatic currency conversions and financial consolidation is one of those inventive features that global businesses are most curiously looking at. It renders you a real-time view of business performance, which means you can get insights whenever and wherever to make well-informed business decisions.

Global Accounting and Consolidation

  • You can accommodate differences in accounting and financial reporting requirements at local, regional, and headquarters level with Multi-book accounting.
  • With NetSuite Global Business Management ERP solution, you can post individual transactions to multiple books simultaneously. They are recorded correctly under all applicable accounting standards.

Audit and Compliance

  • This inventively engineered ERP solution comes with an always-on audit trail, built-in analytics, access logs and automated workflows to streamline documentation and reporting of systems, resources, risks and controls.
  • NetSuite simplifies compliance obligations by supporting standardization and consistent reporting.
  • You can drill down from summary reports to underlying transaction details and gain greater transparency. It lets you demonstrate on-going compliance with local statutory and regulatory requirements.

Consolidated Financial Statements

  • It simplifies generating consolidated financial statements by automatically posting each transaction at the local and headquarters level.
  • Its integrated platform and multi-entity capabilities support a standardized General Ledger structure at the company or headquarters level. Meanwhile, it renders regional business units or subsidiaries the flexibility to create custom charts of accounts.

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