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How to implement NetSuite for Manufacturing Industry?

How to implement NetSuite for Manufacturing Industry?

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NetSuite System is the best choice for the manufacturers just because it is the complete solution for the manufacturing industry. NetSuite System works on three steps: –

– Agility: It is very swift NetSuite Software Suite. It is cloud-based and saves customer’s time and IT costs as well.
– Productivity: This software properly used resources and provides maximum profits. So it is conveniently enhancing the business productivity.
– Transparency: NetSuite System provides the transparency to enterprises and it is connected with all aspects of the business. It is based on real-time and information access from anywhere and anytime.

If you are a manufacturer and want to convert leads to order, order to production, production to revenue then your enterprises should use NetSuite System for Manufacturing Industry.

Features of NetSuite Software Suite for Manufacturing Industries: –
Engineering: It is comfortable integrates with CAD (Computer Aided Design) application so organizations can easily improve the product design.
Sales and Marketing: It provides the facility of real time quote management by the product pricing, sales tax, discounting rules into sales quote. And also allows for execution and creation and measurement of email campaigns.
Order Management: In order management, NetSuite System provides the end-to-end information of the order such as order processing and tracking, pick, pack and ship.
Production Control: It provides streamline production environment by automatically creating work order from sales order.

Implementation process of NetSuite Software for Manufacturing: –

Evaluation Phase: Evaluation phase includes all the manufacturing processes and functional requirements as well.
Process Analysis and Design: In which defines all the manufacturing processes and design of the NetSuite Software Suite.
Execution: In which process implementation specialist install NetSuite at client site. And set-up all user defined fields.
Acceptance Testing and Approval: After the successfully installation, developer tests the complete NetSuite Software Suite.
Training: In which developer gives the training to the staff of the organization.
Post Live Support: Before going to Live, we have to check few steps: review go-live checklist, import opening balances and create user manuals. And then go live.

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