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How Can NetSuite Help You Empower The Global Supply Chain?

How Can NetSuite Help You Empower The Global Supply Chain?

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The scope of expanding supply chain business and optimizing its benefits gets quite with NetSuite. It continues to deliver robust functionalities and capabilities to meet the challenging goals and global compliances to gain notable recognition. Of all, the most complex operations can be executing a plan to stand sturdy in the global economy. Particularly, if your manufacturing is taking place on any continent and across multiple time zones, NetSuite For Manufacturing Industry is the most effective way to establish active communication with your distributors, partners, and suppliers. It enables you to connect with contract manufacturers to get assured of your needs and their intention to delivery.

NetSuite For Manufacturing Industry

NetSuite Offers The Following Features To Revamp Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Control Tower

NetSuite has involved its customers to monitor their management of running complex supply chain operations. Rendering Control Tower Snapshot functionality, it provides a global time phase view, which assists in summarizing the current as well as future inventory place across the entire global supply chain. This extensive feature renders the capability to check projected inventory with any demand or supply affecting it across a time zone and the supply chain. It simplifies the steps to identify potential affairs.

Key capabilities of Supply Chain Control Tower offered by this one of the most efficient Manufacturing ERP Solutions include:

  • Active monitoring of inventory, demand, and supply across the entire global supply chain
  • Drill-down into transactions to take suitable action
  • Subsidiary and Location capabilities to filter results

Purchase Order Management

Embedded with core capabilities of simple order generation, approval workflows, and vendor performance tracking, Purchase Order Management simplifies the creation and management of vendors, purchase orders, receipts, and other relevant transactions. It enables you to establish vendors and share them across all subsidiaries to speculate the global view of your relationship.

Transfer Order Management

Whether you deploy NetSuite For Manufacturing as a single subsidiary or multiple, it proffers robust capability to generate transfer orders between your organization’s disparate location to an efficient supply chain. Using distribution network functionality, you can witness automatic planned or actual transfer or inter-company orders with no additional effort. Track In-transit inventory, full automation, and inter-company ready capabilities strengthen the key operations involved and empower the global supply chain.

Work Order Management

Robust Manufacturing ERP Solutions, including NetSuite, offers easy update statuses, lot and serial traceability, and constraint management. Irrespective of the manufacturer of the product, it prompts delivery of the same level of information from the manufacturing processes. Offering creation and management of work orders through the planning engine and across all subsidiaries and locations, it ascertains consistency and accuracy within the entire global supply chain operations.

You can deploy an intuitive cloud-based solution to make the best use of your organizational resources, gain visibility at all levels within your organization, closely monitor the entire supply chain processes, and gain competitive advantage for your business to lead the way. With such extensive and innovative functionalities, NetSuite For Manufacturing Industry steers digital innovation in the global supply chain, help you witness substantial progress, and drives worldwide acclamation of a profound manufacturing business.

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