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Enhance Your Supply Chain Plans with NetSuite Supply Chain Execution

Enhance Your Supply Chain Plans with NetSuite Supply Chain Execution

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What is NetSuite Supply Chain Execution?

NetSuite supply chain execution is an integral part of Supply Chain Management and helps businesses put their supply chain plans into action. Organizing a proficient creation process that considers required and accessible stock, obtainment and accessibility of work and hardware is an intricate endeavor. NetSuite Supply Chain Management ensures that all moving pieces are accounted for and production can proceed without delays. Additionally, the team on production can regain time previously spent on complex planning and project management tasks.

Mobile Tracking

With this capability under Supply Chain Management of NetSuite, you can capitalize on scanners and cell phones for more precise data and wipe out manual mistakes all through the assembling system, guaranteeing a reliable, quality item. 

Single Source of Information

A central database means procurement, planning and production systems update inventory and production data, financial reports and outstanding orders in a single spot, continuously. That ensures procurement, planning and production teams are operating on the same data.

Work Order Management

By leveraging NetSuite Supply Planning, you can easily create, release, close and complete work orders with automatic scheduling for efficient and scalable production control. 

NetSuite Supply Chain Execution Features

Quality Management

Production planners can leverage NetSuite Supply Chain Management to formalize and automate policies, standards, and practices to render the highest-quality products with minimal overhead. Here, leveraging Advanced Inventory Management of NetSuite that you never fall short of raw materials to deliver the requirements with the right product at the right time.

Manufacturing Execution System

Increase data accuracy and limit manual cycles by keep creation data progressively utilizing the scanner and tablet application.

Warranty, Repair, and Returns

Exceeding the client experience to returns, repairs, and warranty-related claims with NetSuite Case Management makes steadfast clients and guarantees rehash buys. 

Product Data Management

NetSuite Supply Chain Management enables businesses to save time and accelerate product development with ERP system integration. With such capabilities, you can make product engineering information available companywide on a self-service basis. 

Outsourced Manufacturing

NetSuite outsourced manufacturing functionality assists organizations with overseeing subcontracted fabricating processes by buying re-appropriated get together creation from sellers. NetSuite automatically tracks intake of production components and afterward, post-production, transfers them to a predefined area. Mechanizing re-appropriated fabricating synchronizes NetSuite obtainment and creation exchanges. 

What is NetSuite Manufacturing Execution System?

NetSuite’s Manufacturing Execution System renders real-time, cloud-based solutions to extract most up-to-date information from production. NetSuite offers both a traditional barcode scanner-based interface, designed for speedy data entry, and an interactive tablet application. It delivers a rich interface that let businesses have unparalleled feedback about user’s work center and/or machine. Additionally, you can leverage NetSuite Production Planning to perform production processes effectively and plan efficiently to meet the evolving market demands. 

Paperless Production Environment

You can use both the barcode scanner and tablet to eliminate manual, paper-based processes and increase data accuracy.

Production Oversight

Supervisors can see important production KPIs, including scrap, downtime and labor, by project and in real-time. 

NetSuite Manufacturing Execution System Features


NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing delivers a native barcoding application that will run on any device with a browser. The app streamlines common transactions, including workforce tracking, work order completion, material developments, PO receipts and transportation. All local shop-floor-confronting reports can be printed with scanner tags to guarantee information precision.

HMI Tablet

The human/machine interface application delivers an interactive work queue that displays all current and future operations scheduled through the work center. The easy-to-use system is orchestrated to be used in harsh manufacturing environments and can be operated while wearing gloves. The tablet records each step of the manufacturing process in real-time. Additionally, a production supervisor can use it to record manufacturing across multiple orders or an individual in real-time mode.

NetSuite Supply Chain Execution Benefits

  • Accurate COGS— Business planners can record labor and scrap usage in real-time.
  • Improved Communications— Production units can standardize and share production plans, work instructions, and costing between production and development teams.
  • Defined Manufacturing Process—It enables you to calculate the resources required to complete manufacturing.
  • Consistent Product Quality— You can look into raw materials and conduct ongoing reviews during the production process. This helps ensure that you deliver quality products and retain an active customer engagement in the long-run. 

With the deployment of NetSuite Supply Chain Management and its functionality of Supply Chain Execution, you can plan your supply chain operations efficiently and reach your customers as and when they require. This helps you retain an active engagement and manage a massive clientele without a hitch. Here, connecting with an experienced and acclaimed NetSuite Solution Provider—NetSuiteExpert. Our NetSuite Consultants can help you save both and time and make a judicious business decision.  

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