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Consolidated Invoicing – NetSuite

Consolidated Invoicing – NetSuite

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Software solutions always used for operational efficiencies through improved processes. Consolidated invoicing allows business houses to reduce the number of transactions and offers an enhanced approach to a traditionally manual processes run by large teams.

We experienced multiple invoices each month need to generate for a single customer. Invoice consolidation will allow account department to quickly and easily combine multiple invoices to print and send to a customer.

The Consolidated Invoicing provides the ability to generate a single consolidated invoice that includes multiple invoices for a specific time period. The customer receives one invoice instead of multiple invoices per transaction in that period. This custom solution allows the user to configure certain invoice header fields to be used as the basis for the consolidated invoice (e.g. a single invoice can be generated for all invoices for the same contract).

This consolidation request can be submitted from a UI where the user can preview the summarized and
detailed invoice information, or it can be scheduled to generate the consolidated invoices at the end of
each month.

Consolidated invoices are virtual invoices and the general ledger impact remains with the individual invoice. As a result, A/R aging reports will not display consolidated invoice information.

You can schedule a meeting to know more about Consolidated Invoicing.

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