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Best Practices to Drive Successful NetSuite Implementation

Best Practices to Drive Successful NetSuite Implementation

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Oracle NetSuite is a globally recognized ERP solution that holds the promise of transforming your business by improving sales performance, enhancing customer experience and dramatically enhancing operational efficiency. However, the successful NetSuite implementation is very critical, irrespective of industry, in order to automate business processes. Through this blog, we are providing best practices associated with NetSuite Implementation.

Banking on the right resources – Undoubtedly, NetSuite is considered as a leading cloud-based, business management solution that streamlines processes to improve productivity. However, you need right resources to draft successful NetSuite Implementation strategies in order to reap the real advantage. The most recommended practice includes software development outsourcing. As license for NetSuite is available through implementation partner, so it is necessary that you should find the right partner. A reliable implementation partner with right talent will help in drafting a successful strategy associated with implementation. Partner firm will offer you timeline for implementation and provides you information on what you should expect from the software. Further, you need a strong project manager who will efficiently find key problem areas related to your business and help in finding the right solution for your business.

Follow well established system implementation processes – NetSuite is a true SaaS, cloud-based solution that is engineered to streamline processes. However, cloud-based doesn’t mean that your partner don’t have to work hard in defining processes, designing validation, testing and user involvement. A systematic approach is very important when it comes to data migration and integration with existing systems.

Documentation Process – It is really important that you should spend some time in documenting the problem areas of your business. You should take time to understand where your existing systems are failing and what modules your current business needs. You also need to draft the future strategy. As NetSuite is designed in modular form, you can start with your existing requirements and later scale-up easily as your business grow. So, a carefully drafted strategy is important to make implementation of NetSuite ERP successful. In case, you have some confusion, you can ask for help from your NetSuite partner. They will tell you the core capabilities of NetSuite and what it offers to an organization. May be some of the modules you don’t want at the initial stage but need those in the future. So, partner will help you in that.

Data cleansing – If you’re using old legacy systems then it is always recommended that you should think of data cleansing. In case, you don’t clean everything, all the issues that you have now will travel across to the new system. This will eventually cause serious problems as people will blame the new system for not working properly. But the real reason would be data that was migrated wasn’t cleaned effectively.

Set Realistic Expectations – With NetSuite ERP, you can enjoy several business benefits like rapid financial close, reduced IT costs, low order-to-cash cycle and expedited delivery. But generating true ROI from investment requires careful planning and execution. ERP solution such as NetSuite is preconfigured to incorporate industry best practices that support complex business processes. So, don’t get in the temptation of over-customization. Just prioritize things and get the configuration done carefully without wasting time in customization.

The Bottom Line

These are some successful strategies associated with NetSuite Implementation. While keeping these points in mind, you can leverage NetSuite to drive success for your business.

How can we help you?

As a NetSuite Implementation Partner, we can help you with licensing, implementation, customization, data migration and maintenance. If you are looking for reliable NetSuite Implementation Services, you can contact us. With vast experience in ERP implementation across different industry niches, we can efficiently drive your business towards success.

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