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NetSuite Ecommerce Integration Enhances Shopping, Sales, and Business Profitability

NetSuite Ecommerce Integration Enhances Shopping, Sales, and Business Profitability

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By leveraging the core capabilities of NetSuite POS Integration, ecommerce merchants can avail of a full range of traditional point of sale transaction capabilities. These include cash and carry, returns and exchanges, plus the ability to access up-to-date inventory and customer information. With such functionalities, business associates can better engage customers, drive more sales, and render a satisfying shopping experience without much hassle.


Continuous Shopping Experience

Shoppers can effectively access products in their ecommerce shopping carts or wish lists at the NetSuite POS. This capability allows them to add these items to an in-store transaction. While in store, products that shoppers would like to save for later can be added to their ecommerce wish lists. NetSuite for Ecommerce provides companywide inventory visibility and simplify buy in store, ship to anywhere. With NetSuite POS Services, ecommerce business administrators can assist customers with returns and exchanges of purchases made online or at other locations.

Orchestrated for Mobility

You can make the most of Ecommerce POS integration to unchain your sales associates from the checkout counter. You can use this capability to empower your team to engage with customers anywhere in the store via a mobile POS device that comes with an intuitive, touch-enabled user interface. Sales associates can leverage NetSuite Retail POS to view real-time inventory availability as well as customer order history. It allows sneak a peek into the past interactions with the brand to help recommend complementary products and upsells.

Unified Commerce

With the deployment of NetSuite Ecommerce integration, businesses can bring in-store and online together. For instance, Shopify POS & Netsuite Integrations, combining NetSuite’s ecommerce solution, SuiteCommerce, with SuiteCommerce InStore or seamlessly connecting physical and digital shopping experiences drives greater business profitability and ensure considerable elevation in sales. You can connect with an accredited NetSuite Integration Solution Provider to avail of NetSuite POS Connector that helps unify commerce and business management applications. This way, ecommerce businesses can get a single source of item, inventory, customer, and order insights for better control and management. 


Sale Saving— Ecommerce businesses can avail of POS for NetSuite to increase profitability.It provides more product choices and improved convenience with an endless aisle of goods.

Empowered Sales Associates— NetSuite Ecommerce comes with inventive and exclusive tools and information to assist and engage shoppers.

Extensive Integrations— With your point-of-sale software natively connected to your operational business systems on a cloud platform, your business would no longer require further integrations.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership— You can drop-down your overall technology investment and roll-out costs with software delivered via the cloud running on commoditized hardware.

To make the most of NetSuite Ecommerce, you can connect with accredited and acclaimed NetSuite Solution Provider— NetSuiteExpert. Our experts can assist you capitalize on trending growth opportunities and take the competitive lead with adaptive solutions.

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