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  • Why Wholesale & Distribution Businesses Need NetSuite For Consistent Success

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    Wholesale and distribution companies are facing tough competition in the market. In order to gain upper hand and consumer loyalty, distributors need to ensure timely delivery of the products. Real-time visibility across inventory and supply chain ensures productivity and speed which is, indeed, required in order to stay ahead in the competition. Oracle NetSuite is a...... Read More
  • NetSuite Announced To Continue Adding Advanced Supply Chain Features

    admin 1894 Views
    During an annual Oracle NetSuite SuiteWorld conference 2019, NetSuite announced to enhance its project – ‘SCOPE’ (Supply Chain Operational Excellence). ‘SCOPE’ project was initiated in the year 2015 by gathering their value customers at their headquarter. Based on customer insights like their challenges and opportunities in supply chain, NetSuite collected a list of features to...... Read More
  • How can NetSuite Integration with Outlook is beneficial for sales managers and representatives?

    admin 2110 Views
    NetSuite Integration is nothing, just create a syncing point between two disparate applications, suppose you are a Sales Manager and mostly spent their time in client meetings. Is it possible to check availability and schedule meetings at customers end, without logging into NetSuite?     Of course it is possible via the integration of NetSuite...... Read More
  • Delivering Unified Customer Experience through SuiteCommerce

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    Over the years organizations have evolved from the traditional websites; which went from static to dynamic websites and today this is called unified commerce – a platform which helps you manage your B2B & B2C through a single platform with quick developments & minimum customization.   SuiteCommerce by Netsuite offers unified customer experience approach by...... Read More