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NetSuite OpenAir

NetSuite OpenAir

Renowned as the top-notch professional service automation software, NetSuite OpenAir is orchestrated for professional services organizations, including both service-based companies, and services divisions within product companies. In addition, it delivers end-to-end automation and visibility, helps organizations gain real-time insights. Also, it offers multiple project profitability, optimizes billable resource utilization, and assist administrators in making more informed decisions. Moreover, proven to quickly drive substantial results, this intuitive software solution ensures on-time project delivery. Furthermore, it minimizes IT costs, driving down project accounting and overhead, and expediting billing cycles.

Lucrative Functionalities of NetSuite OpenAir Integration:

Above all, offering advanced technical assistance to professional service organizations, it empowers the mobile service organizations with any time, anywhere access in the cloud. Also, it supports the users, whether they work at client sites, on the go or remotely.

In addition, its core capabilities assist organizations in experiencing significant improvements in utilization, revenue, profitability, and performance of the entire workforce:

Project Management

Providing highly efficient web-based project management capabilities, this software solution allows organizations to improve on-time project delivery and increase project profitability. Moreover, it simplifies the management, updates, and reporting on the project status from any location at any time. In addition, with such robust functionalities, administrators get clear visibility into project dynamics. Also, it can model all possible scenarios which can question optimization of price, billing rates, staffing, and impact profitability.

Project Accounting

NetSuite OpenAir integration offers agile project accounting to enable professional services administrators for efficient monitoring and management of project revenues, outlay and project benefits over the lifetime of the project. Also, it helps ensure that the project is on time and budget. Its powerful billing engine assures that clients are billed accurately and within the stipulated time to improve cash flow. Additionally, trailblazing revenue recognition functionality allows the separation of revenue types and the assists administrators in recognizing revenue congruously.

Resource Management

This innovative professional services automation software solution allows administrators to manage the most valuable resources of their organization across the globe more efficiently. In addition, with its advanced resource optimization functionality, professionals can ensure that the right resources are deployed for the right project and at the right time. Furthermore, service organizations can utilize their resources and assure high success rates with such deployment, based on project requirements, employee skills, experience, and availability.

Expense and Timesheet Management

With Oracle NetSuite OpenAir, professional service organizations can automate and organize the entire business expense management and reimbursement cycle. Moreover, this power-packed functionality increases employee’s productivity and allows them to give in expenses from any location, via a mobile device or web browser. Particularly, it eliminates queries and labor around customer billing, foreign currency conversion management, and expense allocation.

Similarly, administrators can quickly and easily create detailed timesheets for advanced time tracking. Particularly, this functionality integrates with project management for seamless time tracking by project, phase, and task as well.

Integration with ERP

Professional service businesses can relish the integration of OpenAir with their existing front-office and back-office business system. One can get all the cloud-benefits without sacrificing the existing technology investments and business processes. Escalating cash flow, improving operational accuracy, and providing comprehensive visibility through unified Services Resource Planning (SRP), this innovative application draws maximum business benefits and high organizational productivity.

Offering interactive dashboards and reporting, this robust software solution delivers professional services organizations the capability to run their fundamental business operations, which primarily include project management, resource optimization, time and expense control, project accounting, and billing and revenue recognition. It can be deployed as instant access to vital information, rendering self-service to answer temporary queries on the fly.

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