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NetSuite For Nonprofit

NetSuite Software for Non Profit

NetSuite’s integrated business management solution helps in transforming NetSuite For Nonprofit organizations by precisely managing all their business operations and improving operational effectiveness. Particularly, using a single, flexible and powerful application; the ERP software strengthens your organization with end-to-end operational solutions. It can be regarding fund raising, integrating accounting, inventory management, and eCommerce.

Your mission as a non-profit organization could be to help communities through different ways. However, one thing remains certain that such organizations face diverse operational challenges and great amount of complexities. For instance, tight budgets, high competition of fund-raising and limited resources; these organizations have to look out for innovative methods to survive. By creating projects that generate various sources of income, they can make optimum use of present volunteers and strengthening relations with existing donors. Furthermore, from small community organizations to large-sized ones NetSuite software for non profit organization offers the perfect opportunity to put thoughts into action and leave a positive impact on masses.

Join the league of hundreds of Oracle NetSuite For Nonprofit Organizations, who have moved from split on-premise systems to unified NetSuite to maximize social impact; while reducing costs and optimizing the operations.


Boost Resources

Using effective cloud-based business technology has a major influence on your ability to grow resources, manage costs and achieve social impact. Investing in new technologies can thus prove to be beneficial by giving best returns of the efforts.

Improve Operational Effectiveness

Oracle NetSuite for Nonprofit capabilities  help organizations by uniting split data and automating all processes through a single unified application that combines CRM along with eCommerce functionalities.

Improve Visibility & Transparency

Getting real-time access to information empowers your team, constituents, partners and suppliers to stay updated with each interaction and transaction; which further allows you and the stakeholders in making faster and better decisions regarding the organization.

Reduce Costs and Complexities

You can simply focus on your business aims instead of managing severe IT complexities such as software or hardware. NetSuite, as a SaaS (software-as-a-Service) simplifies everything for you including volunteer records, fund management, vendor managed upgrades, etc.


Financial Management

Most common and complex challenge that NetSuite for nonprofit organizations come across is the financial management. NetSuite, with its highly flexible financial management accounting system manages every process in most organized manner; while providing total visibility of all activities.

Global Nonprofit Management

NetSuite OneWorld has the functionalities to manage different taxation rules, currencies and reporting requirements. So, it’s easier-than-ever to manage multiple business units, subsidiaries as well as legal entities.

Ecommerce Solutions

NetSuite’s eCommerce solution integrates with entire organization, whether it is for fund raising premiums, selling items or publications.

Fund Raising and CRM

NetSuite’s unified system lets you manage everything at once such as donations, donors, grants, etc. By eliminating double data entry, it clears away all possible mistakes of manual systems. It also helps with real-time view of fund raising and transaction related data to give a concise idea about current on-goings.

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