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Build Next Generation E-commerce Sites With NetSuite SuiteCommerce Extensions

Build Next Generation E-commerce Sites With NetSuite SuiteCommerce Extensions

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NetSuite empowers their customers with new powerful NetSuite SuiteCommerce extensions. These extensions are released to help users to promote their marketing efforts, improve their user interface, and transform their web experience.

Build Next Generation E-commerce Sites With NetSuite SuiteCommerce Extensions

Users with no technical background can build an enviable e-commerce site to drive innovation and profitability not merely online but also across channels.

Today, we cannot deny the ever-changing preferences of the customers. Hence, these SuiteCommerce extensions bless customers with another smarter way to boost their online store and satisfy their customer base while staying tuned with evolving trends.

With the advancement of NetSuite ecommerce software, business individuals can launch a sophisticated online store in not more than 30-days with freedom to grow and evolve in order to meet the changing needs of today’s shoppers.

Let’s get introduced with the extensions available now:

Let’s get introduced with the extensions available now

Marketing Extension
Marketing extensions are added with the capability of showcasing best sellers or feature products, adding blog or newsletter signup box etc., this will assist webstore owners to gain more potential customers.

Design Extension
Design extension is enhanced with different predefined page layouts to fulfill timely demand. You can also add a photo gallery or a slideshow along with an interactive map to locate your store.

Integration Extension
integration extension is introduced to boost your e-commerce site and uplift online presence by leveraging powerful tools like Google Analytics, Google Shopping, Live chat, and Facebook Dynamics Ads.

The biggest benefit of SuiteCommerce extensions is that it replaces the need of various customizations as well as eliminates the need for editing the core code from the developer end. As these extensions will be upgraded with each release while considering the future need and rising market or consumer expectations.

So, these extensions are ultimately enhancing the capability of business administrators to maintain their site in their own way.

How These Extensions Are Building Better Omnichannel Experience

Whether you are willing to acquire customers through in-store, e-commerce store, third-party marketplace or other source, extensions are always becoming your future milestone. You can now seamlessly affect your omnichannel presence and grab sales in the same way.

With the addition of Map and Contact extensions, customers will enjoy the seamless shopping experience like they can buy online and pick up from in-store.

Utilizing the extension feature for bestseller category, sellers can cross-promote their products that are already popular in their in-store.

By making use of newsletter and blog sign up tool, e-commerce administrators can easily promote their end-of-season sales conducted at in-stores.

Now the question is where to access such extensions?

Most of the extensions are already released and available on SuiteApp.com. Users can effortlessly activate these extensions and check for more updates by going through “NetSuite’s Intuitive Extension Manager”

Upcoming extensions will include the functionality such as inventory display, product comparison, item badges, in-stock notification etc.

These extensions will be freely available for the NetSuite users to create and enjoy the agile e-commerce experience across channels. Users can now store real-time data allied to the item, inventory, order, and customer at one unified platform that gives real-time insights to support smarter decision-making process and drive omnichannel experience.

So, it can be said that SuiteCommerce has become an extensible platform inviting e-commerce owners to grow beyond their expectations.

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