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Build Your Business with B2B and B2C on Same Platform

SuiteCommerce’s CaaS (Commerce as a Service) is the first ever solution of its kind, which is based on the foundation that says eCommerce is not just a standalone channel. Also, it is a core capability of B2B as well as retail operations. Moreover, by unifying your eCommerce software with operational business systems, SuiteCommerce Advanced, you can meet ever-rising expectations of customers for personalized and consistent shopping experience. Furthermore, you can prompt these services across various touchpoints; such as tablets, smartphones, call centers and point-of-sale.

An integrated commerce solution that seamlessly connects e-commerce and in-store POS. Particularly, this helps to order management, inventory, merchandising, marketing, financials and customer service.

NetSuite Ecommerce (SuiteCommerce)

SuiteCommerce plays a vital role in putting the customers at the center of retail experience. For instance, it enables all businesses to move from standalone transactional area to a fully integrated commerce solution. Also, by capturing preferences as well as transactions into rich customer profiles, SuiteCommerce fully supports personalized merchandising. In addition, it renders assistance for marketing and its promotion through various mediums.

With all extended customer-centric capabilities of SuiteCommerce, it maintains swift B2B interactions that enable organizations in providing a world-class consumer experience to business suppliers along with customers. Furthermore, seamless as well as unparalleled integration with NetSuite’s acknowledged business management suite efficiently streamlines various operations such as B2B invoicing, payments, etc.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced Development Environment

SCA (NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced) assists in rising your overall e-commerce potential by giving a significant boost to your e-commerce website layout, flow and architecture along with the design of e-commerce interface. Furthermore, it also results in search engine optimization giving much needed visibility to your website.

Benefits of SCA Development Environment

  • Cloud based platform provides customers with superior class shopping experience.
  • Beneficial for B2C (Business to Customers) & B2B (Business to Business) customers in all respects.
  • Thoroughly supports multiple languages, brands & currencies.

SuiteCommerce Advanced Denali Key Points

  • SCA (SuiteCommerce Advanced), a complete Bundle (My Account, Shop Flow & Checkout).
  • Modular code architecture.
  • Highly impressive user interface for mobile users.
  • Efficient development process with developments.
  • Developer Portal.

In conclusion, with the latest version of SuiteCommerce Denali, it delivers extended re-architecture to NetSuite eCommerce application for better control, better performance and increased flexibility with development and implementation process.

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