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4-Common Mistakes To Avoid Post NetSuite ERP Implementation

4-Common Mistakes To Avoid Post NetSuite ERP Implementation

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After a successful NetSuite implementation, a lot of things are considerable to work on. For instance, there is a need to plan the processes, manage the customers and vendors, track the budgets & analysis, provide resource training and so on. Of course, your NetSuite implementation partner is there to advise you but also, you need to be vigilant of those small issues that may a result of big complexities in the near future if not managed adequately.

Let’s focus on those common ERP implementation mistakes that you should work on:

Missing Budget For IT Personnel
Organizations often decide a budget for an IT project but that’s just not enough for a successful NetSuite ERP implementation. Most of the organizations seem in a hurry while getting their implementation done which in result make everyone rush the implementation process and sets over expectations that lead to partial failure.

All you need to map the time and cost required to impact your project. Be honest for your company and demonstrate your loyalty by adopting a realistic approach by hiring a required number of resources and giving ample time to ensure optimal utilization of the solution.

Avoiding Change Management
Avoiding change management can be a daunting deal for any organization. Companies today demand huge customization that becomes critical to be adopted by the end-users. Some times inviting less customization than its actual requirement can also be a downfall deal for your business. So, make sure that you are availing the level of customization that you need.

Introducing change in later stages can also be an expensive deal so, make an early plan for it. Also, do not forget to invest in training your resources to ensure that your staff is ready to adopt the new technology and maximize its use. If requires, do not hesitate to hire new IT resources just to educate your staff or else more NetSuite implementation cost will be associated later that may affect your initial budget.

Implementation At Once
It’s not easy to determine all the key implementation requirements up front, perform implementation, train the end-users, and going live. So, do not migrate the entire data in a one-shot, decide what data you actually need and make migrating decision accordingly.

Similarly, do not spend time and money on customization and integration that is not allied to your present need. Be aware of the integration you need in present or in the near future. Do not look for over integration as it may end up soon with zero results.

A successful implementation requires an agile approach whereby implementation is performed in small steps with the involvement of end-users to determine requirements and test the same, find gaps and then repeat the process.

Engaging End Users In Last Minute
While implementing an ERP system, most of the organizations do not invite and engage the key employees who will be using the ERP system the most. They merely invest their time and efforts on gaining approval from senior executives which in result impact the productivity of the end-users because they may not accept the change in a sudden and feel handy with the newly implemented ERP system.

To prevent such issues, you need to involve the employees from every department across your organization including field team and store team so as they can know what changes ought to be, the benefits of ERP system, and how it will impact to ensure smoother workflow. This will assist your employees to initiate the project with positive attitude indeed.

Today, businesses are turning to ERP systems to accelerate growth and accomplish desired goals with global scalability. Hence, it is essential that organizations’ ERP system should function at peak-efficiency so at ensuring maximized ROI.
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