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What’s new in NetSuite 2016.1?

What’s new in NetSuite 2016.1?

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NetSuite’s phased product upgrades provide customers with improved functionality and usability. From late February through to end of March, NetSuite has rolled out its 2016.1 with below features:


  • The Fixed Asset Management SuiteApp Enhancements include support for Compound Assets, Bulk Disposal of Assets, and Additional Language Support
  • Advanced Revenue Management for more powerful and flexible revenue recognition capabilities
  • New flexibility for vendor management and multi-book accounting with NetSuite OneWorld whereby the Multi-Book Accounting feature has been enhanced to provide OneWorld consolidation across all accounting books.


  • NetSuite will introduce Sandbox 2.0, intended to improve the user experience in a sandbox environment.


  • NetSuite for Outlook is now compatible with both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Outlook 2016, and Windows 10.
  • You can now choose to disable automatic update notifications & pause synchronization and resume it at a later time.
  • Users with an NSCORP role can now send an email with zip file attachments to Support.

Order Management

  • New capabilities empowering commerce and retail companies to streamline and optimize order entry and fulfillment.

Items & Inventory Management

  • Inventory Costing Improvements to system performance while offering tighter control for accounting period data changes.
  • Item Ordering Enhancements have been made to increase efficiency of processing orders such as a Contract column on the Order Items page and Multiple Planned Order Lines have been Consolidated on Orders by Vendor.


  • For ongoing projects, you can create a single resource allocation that is set to recur on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. You have the option to choose how the resource allocation recurs and set start and end dates.
  • The Project Resource Management (PRM) SuiteApp offers visual management of your project task assignments and resource allocations with the ability to edit existing tasks and allocations and create new task assignments and allocations directly from the grid.

  • The Resource Allocation Chart/Grid has been updated to include advanced filtering capabilities including a mix of filter fields from different record types, the ability to customize which filter fields to add to your Resource Allocation Chart/Grid, and editable filter fields with values shown on the page.


  • The latest version of SuiteCommerce Advanced, Mont Blanc, is targeted to include the following enhancements: Multi-Channel Purchasing Support, Alternative Payments, Application Performance Sensor, Google Tag Manager, Quotes, Password Protected Site, Login to See Pricing.

CSV Import

  • Duplicate detection for imported customer records has been improved.  This new feature will prevent the import of lead and prospect records that are already saved in NetSuite.

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