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What is An Integrated Ecommerce Platform?

What is An Integrated Ecommerce Platform?

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Ecommerce has come out as the biggest success driver in the global marketplace. If ecommerce is significant to your business, then the solution you choose is reasonably the most important business decision you will make.

In simple terms ecommerce software enables a business to deal in products and services online. Traditionally, the ecommerce software solutions were standalone, and they needed to be purchased on-premise that required extensive IT setup, in-house management and huge cost. These solutions were mostly costly, challenging to work with, non-scalable, and time-consuming to customize or integrate with other systems.

Online businesses require additional software to manage all back-end functions such as accounting, inventory and warehouse management, order management as well as customer service. Merging together multiple ecommerce software solutions is complicated and requires frequent maintenance since it rarely functions efficiently. To overcome these issues, fortunately we have a new breed of business software that integrates all required commerce with business functionalities and deliver one ecommerce platform through SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model. With such an infrastructure, it is possible to deliver highly relevant, engaging and personalized online experiences for customers.

Lets imagine an ecommerce platform that lets customer service representatives to have a single view of a customer across all business channels due to the centralized order and inventory management. It helps in efficient fulfillment of customers’ orders and track history data to provide relevant offers as well as personalized experience and deep customer satisfaction.

Key Features of an Ecommerce Platform

An ecommerce software enables customers to buy products and services from your online store. It also provides the union of core business processes to provide them complete visibility across every process and surpass customers’ expectations. An ecommerce platform should:

  • Run on a unified platform. It should be able to eliminate integrations between separate systems with unified ecommerce, POS, accounting, marketing, inventory & order management, financials and customer service on a cloud-based platform.

  • Provide 360° customer view to consistently deliver personalized experiences and target marketing and superior customer service with a single view of all customer interactions across all channels and touch points.

  • Be able to intelligently manage orders and set new customer expectations while buying or returning purchases, through both online an in-store modes.

  • Deliver innovative and compelling customer experiences to differentiate your brand and support unlimited expansion by being able to quickly deploy sites for multiple channels, currencies, languages and countries on a single platform.

A Comprehensive, Integrated Approach

An ecommerce platform covers all core business functions united into a single solution that provides improved collaboration, gives real-time data visibility, and aligned operational processes across organization. This platform offers below listed functions in united manner.

  • Analytics & reporting

  • Customer Support

  • Order & Inventory Management

  • Procurement

  • Content management

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Pricing & Promotions

Integrated ecommerce platforms provide a unified business environment easily scalable, unendingly customizable and offers timesaving automation functionality. This platform lets you provide a flexible and seamless shopping experience across different channels along with eliminating the software & hardware management hassles. Whether you’re a part of B2B or B2C, your ecommerce platform is required to do more than assisting in transactions in a fast-moving marketplace. Get in touch with NetSuite Expert and learn about what features and advantages you can avail through an ecommerce platform to excel in hyper competitive marketplaces.

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