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Advanced Revenue Management

Advanced Revenue Management

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The Advanced Revenue Management (ARM) enhancements associated with the 2018.1 release allow users to create revenue journal entries for specific date periods and distinguish between creating journals for schedules or for plans.

Additionally, the Expense Waterfall reporting tool enables:

  • Visibility to deferred expense balances in summary and detail
  • Reconciliation with balance sheet
  • Forecast of expected expense stream

NetSuite Advanced Revenue Recognition provides complete support for all key revenue recognition standards — and as a cloud solution, it automatically updates to reflect the latest recognition rules. With automated revenue recognition calculation and reporting dashboards for continual monitoring, the solution can help your finance teams increase productivity, visibility, accuracy and compliance.

Key Capabilities

  • Support All Key Revenue Recognition Rules
  • Effective Revenue Recognition Management on Multi-Element Sales
  • Flexible Revenue Recognition Capabilities
  • Integration with SAP, Oracle or NetSuite Financials
  • Pre-Packaged or Custom Revenue Recognition Templates
  • Clear Reporting, Visibility and Monitoring

With NetSuite Advanced Revenue Recognition, you can:

  • Efficiently meet revenue recognition standards
  • Improve finance productivity and reduce the cost and time of calculating, recording and reporting on revenue recognition
  • Reduce or even eliminate the use of spreadsheets, dramatically reduce errors and gain strong, compliant processes
  • Improve accuracy by ensuring the proper review, approval and execution of revenue to be recognized
  • Gain clear visibility and monitoring throughout the recognition process, from summary to detail to Estimated Selling Prices (ESPs) and key variances
  • Extend your existing Oracle Financials or SAP R/3 deployment quickly and efficiently thanks to NetSuite’s cloud delivery
  • Stay ahead with automatic updates on the latest revenue recognition rule changes.

The globalization of business today is powered by several factors, including global capital markets, foreign direct investment and economic interdependence. In order to report financial results accurately within revenue recognition
mandates based on multiple accounting standards (e.g. GAAP, IFRS), accounting departments worldwide can leverage a powerful Multi-Book Accounting engine that can record and post revenue-related activity to all books concurrently eliminating data entry replication and manual intervention.

NetSuite enable real-time revenue visibility for any book, anywhere, anytime.