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Save Time and Money Using the TransferMate Payment App

Save Time and Money Using the TransferMate Payment App

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Does your organization use NetSuite ERP Software?

If yes, then it’s great news for your customers to help them have convenience, save their time and money. Doesn’t matter, what kind of software you have – whether it is NetSuite wholesale distribution, manufacturing, retail or any other NetSuite product. If you want to get this latest app features, then you must sign up for a multi-currency NetSuite App – it’s completely free.

How TranferMate Payment App for NetSuite saves time and money?

TranferMate Payment App for NetSuite


Firstly, it is free and on top of that, the exchange rates are 90% cheaper than the bank. It is really beneficial for the customers who are using NetSuite allowing you to facilitate the payment of your foreign currency bills through the NetSuite Payment App within your accounting software.

Let’s evaluate a couple of more features that may be beneficial for your business: –

  • Cheaper exchange rates as compared to the bank
  • Lower transfer fees up to 90%
  • A Free add-on feature for all NetSuite customers
  • One click to book and post back payment instantly

As a NetSuite Consultant or NetSuite offshore service provider, we are offering you an effective add-on payment app steps – to help you make a connection between TranferMate Payment App and NetSuite System, steps are: –
#1 Firstly, you have to register yourself for TransferMate Payment App.
#2 Then, enter your bills in NetSuite System.
#3 View, select and pay your foreign currency invoices or bills in a couple of seconds.
#4 And last, auto posts to NetSuite.

If you want to know more about NetSuite development services you may consult with a NetSuite Expert with your customization requirement.

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