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Revamp Your Order Management With NetSuite

Revamp Your Order Management With NetSuite

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You can scale your business profitably as a power-packed ERP solution that enables you to meet and excess on-going customer requirements for omnichannel fulfillment. In such a case, NetSuite For Manufacturing Industry offers you an efficient, transparent, and automated order fulfillment to help you meet challenging demands of commerce environment. Not only this but its extensive features help you differentiate your business and gain loyal customers, who steadily become brand advocates.

Some of The Robust Features of NetSuite Order Management Application are as follows:

Order Orchestration

This capability enables you to automate and manage end-to-end, order capture and validation, order release, customer communications and settlement, and shipment confirmation. Additionally, it assists you in executing complex processes, including drop-ship, split shipments, personalized products, digital fulfillment, and continuity programs.

Order Sourcing and Allocation

The deployment of efficient Manufacturing ERP Solutions such as NetSuite, you can use your resources to its fullest to fulfill orders based on global inventory visibility and business rules. In this case, the rules-based engine allows a cross-channel, fulfill from any location solution to optimize organizational benefits. Also, you can configure automatic location assignments to apply your fulfillment strategies, optimize reduced costs, and fasten your delivery services efficiently.

Store Fulfillment

This innovative capability of NetSuite For Manufacturing Industry allows you to use stores as a competitive differentiator, which renders buy, fulfill, and return experience from any location. This capability assists you in optimizing your inventory and utilize it to fulfill orders across all the channels. Such a deployment prompts fulfillment of omnichannel orders through tailored store fulfillment processes, such as ship from store, ship to store and store pickup.

Inventory Visibility

You can procure a single source of truth for inventory, stores, spanning warehouses, and 3PL locations. Also, you can manage ATP (Available-to-Promise) inventory and commitments accurately across all the channels, linking your supply chain to commerce efficiently. With inventory planning, warehouse management capabilities, and replenishment, you can boost inventory management and make the best use of it to experience burgeoning business growth.

Returns and Exchange

NetSuite For Manufacturing Industry offers this intuitive capability to help you set rules and regulations to accept returns from all channels, manage the credit process, and fulfill exchanges. Particularly, it assures accurate returns, confirms saleable commodities return to ATP inventory without causing delayand detect potential quality issues or fraud if any. It readily eliminates the point of failure with disparate systems and helps you manage returns and exchange them diligently.

It proffers end-to-end automated drop-ship fulfillment process capabilities to expand your assortment without increase store footprints and warehouse. You can manage communication amid drop-ship orders to suppliers, shipping confirmations, and establish seamless communication both with the customer and the supplier for increased efficiency of your business organization. Increasing customer lifetime value, maximized profits with effective order management, increased revenue, empowerment of employees to deliver extensive customer service across all the channels, and minimized spending for integration and maintenance of order management process are some of the fruit-bearing benefits you can get with the deployment of proficient ERP solutions and witness considerable growth.

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