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Recognize Between A True Cloud Solution and A Fake One

Recognize Between A True Cloud Solution and A Fake One

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As a growing company, you’ve decided for an ERP that will maintain and support complete in-house system, so that you can focus on your business instead of IT infrastructure.

But buyers beware: Not every hosted software is a true cloud solution. You need to recognize the right on-premise solution providing vendors to pull the best services from the application. So what’s the trick to tell a true cloud solution from a fake one?

Who’s Running the (Server) Farm?

True cloud vendors code their software to perform better as a fully hosted solution and manage and maintain the software across several servers across multiple levels of data redundancy within multi-tenant cloud environment. Multi-tenancy matters despite what fake cloud vendors will tell you. Accessing same solution from similar cloud, gives continuous access to the latest product upgrades.

Your true cloud vendor will provide you a customization platform that doesn’t just let you customize your application on their platform, but also make sure that they work on the new product enhancement.

Now understand how fake cloud vendors exactly work. Many ERP systems titled as running in the cloud were originally designed to run on-premise. These vendors genuinely don’t host or maintain the Cloud ERP solutions, since they switch it to the local value-added reseller (VAR) or other service providers.

Drawbacks of a Fake Cloud (Hosted) Solution

By subscribing to an on-premise ERP application, you are bound to experience similar problems and high costs, were you hosting it yourself. Further, in a nutshell, fake cloud solutions are rather expensive, more inefficient in comparison along with some additional flaws including:

  • Delayed and painful product upgrades happen when someone else hosts your on-premise solution. Since vendor will be required to upgrade each customer one by one, most of the times it could take months or even years to get it updated, near to the release of next version.

  • Costly, unstable customizations and integrations. Integrating a hosted solution with other applications can be unstable. It could happen since the on-premise product was initially not built for hosting. On the other hand, you will also have to pay extra to customize the solution to fulfill specific needs and will have to wait for an engineer to do it.

  • Fake cloud hosting gives you too much of downtime and inadequate security and support. For having multiple VARs and service providers, they simply can’t offer high security or privacy in comparison with true cloud providers. You can determine for the right one by asking them about uptime performance, uptime guarantees, EU safe harbor privacy certification and SSAE16 (SOC1) audit completions.

  • Financial viability of hosting firm is a concern. You will have to make sure that your service provider will stay there for as long as you need them for not losing out on solution safety at any one else’s end.

True Cloud Providers Excel Where Fake Cloud Vendors Fail

True cloud vendors are the best choice for several reasons like better funded, financially strong, more reliable and more scalable in comparison with the VARs. So, it is always advisable to look for a true cloud provider to gain more transparency for profitability and offering more longevity and stability.

Following are some other advantages of true cloud applications:

  • With true cloud providers, you don’t have to endure painful upgrades, since you are regularly upgraded to receive best benefits.

  • You always get speedy and reliable access to your systems. Backed with advanced data privacy protections, these systems ensure your direct success.

  • You get to easily integrated other applications and with cloud & on-premise solutions.

  • Here you can manage it entirely, configure, customize and maintain cloud applications immediately without having to hire consultants for the same.

  • Since a cloud vendor can gain substantially better economies through scale, you get to save with a more value for money.

Don’t Get Fooled

Fake cloud providers try to blur the lines between hosted offerings and true cloud systems and also take high prices. NetSuite Expert provides you with demanded ERP solutions by offering genuine NetSuite at decent prices. When it comes to performance, deployment, upgrades, customization and service; nothing can beat the true cloud provider at any level.

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