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Reasons to go for an eCommerce ERP integration

Reasons to go for an eCommerce ERP integration

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eCommerce is a broad term that signifies a channel that allows you to offer online sales to your customers. On the other hand, ERP like Microsoft’s Navision or NetSuite; refers to an entire business management system that helps you correctly manage all business data as well as back-office operations. eCommerce as a sales channel is a set of various programs, which requires efficient operation to manage business without interruptions. Generally, the need for an eCommerce ERP integration goes unnoticed due to its cost or even little interruptions that come with changes in existing systems. On a practical note; these reasons shouldn’t be the real ones, since the integration draws a significant impact on overall business and experience of your customers. In order to keep a fine tune between different kinds of data including sales order, inventory, customers, product shipping & tracking, etc.; your eCommerce platform requires integration with an ERP software, for which NetSuite has to be the best choice.

Benefits of NetSuite ERP Integration


Apart from the ERP’s cost reason, the integration comes with certain hardships; one of which is to choose best suited program for your business. Latest technological advancements provide you with several options including point-to-point platform, custom developed solution and multichannel management platform. NetSuite, being the giant ERP solution offers below benefits to give a significant boost to your business.

  1.  NetSuite eCommerce integration will allow you to avoid tedious manual tasks and save a lot of time on manual entries.

  2.  Manual data entries easily provoke mistakes for shipping address or other details and incorrect or incomplete entry can certainly lead to customer dissatisfaction.

  3.  Streamlined in-house processes including inventory synchronization, shipping, track updates, etc.

  4.  Customers are notified automatically about their orders that have been shipped that helps them with easy product tracking.

  5.  Efficient organization of increased demand in online orders without hiring more resources.’

  6.  Fine system integration also helps in keeping up with rising online demands by continuously looking into the inventory software, account, etc.

Since there are a number of factors that put your customers’ experience at stake; above listed benefits will help you have an insight of the advantages and disadvantages of eCommerce ERP integration. We, at NetSuite Expert provide unique set of NetSuite integration services to give your business a real support. Now, success of your eCommerce business depends on how soon you get in touch with our experts, who have credit of offering most satisfactory integration solutions to a number of companies across the globe.

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