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Oracle NetSuite OneWorld Basics

Oracle NetSuite OneWorld Basics

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NetSuite OneWorld was originally NetLedger, then became the Oracle Small Business Suite, and was finally spun off into a separate public company in 2007. The largest difference between the two versions is OneWorld’s extensive multicurrency and multinational capabilities, while the standard NetSuite offering is the same basic app oriented more towards US operations.

NetSuite also has versions for nonprofits, manufacturing, and other types of specific business operations. It’s also very simple to add additional features such as CRM and human resources (HR), and to scale Oracle NetSuite OneWorld up into the aforementioned full-blown ERP system.

Pricing & Licensing Model

Available solely as a subscription-based service, starting at $999 per month for base access along with $99 per additional user per month, Oracle NetSuite OneWorld is sold primarily through a partner/reseller channel, so you likely won’t be talking to a sales rep should you choose to buy. That means you also need to remember that the base price quoted above does not include fees for partner/reseller value-add services, like installation, customization, or training. This is similar to almost all of the software in this roundup, and is simply how midrange, SME accounting systems are generally sold. The system we are working included general ledger (financials), accounts payable and receivable (including sales and purchase orders), payroll, and HR. I primarily tested the overall system navigation and general ledger capabilities.


ERP Platform

As an ERP platform, Oracle NetSuite OneWorld clearly outstanding. One of the things you like most about the software is that its SaaS-deployment model means it’s completely scalable and thus appropriate for both small and large enterprises. On top of that, its feature set, even right out of the box, is exceptionally broad, which makes it useful for many different kinds of companies, from service organizations to manufacturing or warehousing/distribution companies.

If your needs go beyond just financial accounting, then Oracle NetSuite OneWorld is a great place to start. Just keep in mind that, as with any complex comprehensive software/management app, it’s going to take patience, additional expertise (most likely from a third-party partner), and some significant time—not just to get it correctly configured and rolled out but also to get your employees trained and using it as the basis for most of their day-to-day tasks.

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