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NetSuite Project Management Drives Visibility, Control, and Collaboration to Ensure On-time Project Delivery

NetSuite Project Management Drives Visibility, Control, and Collaboration to Ensure On-time Project Delivery

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With NetSuite Project Management, cloud-based solution, businesses can gain complete visibility and control. By leveraging the fundamentals of an ERP for Project Management, you can monitor and report on project status anytime, anywhere. Eventually, you can witness significant improvement across project completion record, satisfied clients, and negligible nonbillable work hours.

NetSuite Project Management

NetSuite Project Management

Project Management Software offered under NetSuite enables teams to collaborate and keeps managers updated on current status of projects. They do it diligently by using real-time data and assist their business organization in proactively identifying potential issues that might affect the project scope or budget.

Additionally, with NetSuite Project Management, employees and vendors can check their responsibilities and key performing areas. Also, they can identify with whom they need to communicate and can track key metrics such as inventory amounts, completion levels, and upcoming deadlines.

ERP for Project Management Tools

Interestingly, project management tools are not just for project managers as the name suggests. The NetSuite Project Management Module features are extensively customizable and fit the needs of teams with different sizes and business objectives. If you are running a simple project, a straightforward checklist would suffice. However, with complex projects, you will require proper planning, task alignment, setting deadlines, and tracking the working hours and materials used.

With NetSuite, topping the chart of Top 10 Project Management Software and being a cloud-based solution, business administrators and stakeholders gain complete, 360-degree visibility from anywhere in the world. This helps manage businesses in multiple locations (including internationally), field offices, and project sites.

What Project Management Software Helps Accomplish?

NetSuite can be considered as the most effective Project Management Software for Small Businesses as well as for enterprise-level businesses. Project managers can make the most of this ERP for Project Management software to manage requirements, planning, budgeting, and timelines. Additionally, they can pay attention to collaborating and communicating with a variety of audiences, without any hassle.

With NetSuite Project Management, Project Managers can Perform the Following Tasks Flawlessly

  • Analysis and Management of Risks
  • Crafting of Business Processes
  • Creation of Project Plans
  • Establishing Communication Between Relevant Stakeholders
  • Implementation of Project Management Methodologies
  • Strategizing Task Management
  • Managing Expectations
  • Monitoring and Reporting of Project Status
  • Planning And Defining Project Scope
  • Offering Team Leadership
  • Allocating Resources and Planning
  • Estimating Costs

NetSuite Project Management Modules

Project Management

With the deployment of NetSuite Project Management module, you can easily integrate with the NetSuite Financials and accurately track project expenses. Additionally, this inventively engineered software solution helps efficiently manage revenue recognition, invoices creation, unbilled balances calculations. This ERP for Project Management assist you in keeping up with other project financials as well.

Resource Management

By leveraging the core capabilities of Project Management Software, you can drive effective resource management. These capabilities enable businesses to track all resources and stay updated on resources availability.

Additionally, with Resource management, you can set and track KPIs to achieve the best possible business outcome and optimize project profitability.

Resource management tools offered by the NetSuite Project Management

  • Resource Requests and Bookings
  • Automated Resource Allocation
  • Resource Search By Criteria
  • Resource Forecasting Placeholders

Project Accounting

You can make the best of project accounting tools by NetSuite. This tool lets businesses integrate financial data of the project with the project’s activities. Additionally, businesses can track and ensure precise accounting and billing for all project work.

Features of the Project Accounting Module

  • Revenue Recognition
  • Automated Invoicing
  • Summaries And Reports

Time Sheet Management

By leveraging NetSuite’s project management’s timesheet management feature, business companies can keep up with the logging and approving time. This capability keeps project managers updated with the right information, let them track team performance, and take appropriate measures.

For the most part, timesheet management module can be accessed remotely. Hence, it allows employees and managers to timely submit, and approve timesheets.

Features of the Timesheet Management Module

  • Bulk Time Tracking
  • Project Time Approvals
  • Users Time Approval
  • Customized Time Entry
  • Time Tracking For Multiple Projects

Expense Management

Project Managers can make the most of expense management feature to customize the processes for workflows, and approvals, to meet project requirements. Also, you can integrate expense management tool with project management and project accounting modules. Thereby, it allows seamless and accurate tracking of project KPIs.

Features of the Expense Management Module

  • Expense Tracking
  • Alerts for Overdues
  • Personalized Business Rules
  • Mobile Expense Report
  • Advanced Approvals
  • Updated Workflows
  • Consolidated Expense Reports


NetSuite Project Management software comes with reporting and analytic tools and simplifies and makes convenient for project managers to keep track of the overall status and performance of their projects.

Also, project managers can make the most of the analytical and reporting feature to easily share information regarding budget estimation, profit margins, and other KPIs with stakeholders.

Analytics Module Features

  • Intuitive and Detailed Reports
  • Tailor-made Dashboards
  • Collaborative Reporting
  • Alerts and Notifications

Challenges NetSuite Project Management Solves

  • Limited Visibility— You can easily access up-to-date KPIs and customer data in project dashboards, reports, and Gantt charts.
  • Manual Project Setup— Project managers can take advantage of automated job creation, project templates, and native integrations to drive efficiencies.
  • Inadequate Tracking— It allows you to organize calls, activities, tasks, and events in real-time and link them to specific projects— all in one place.
  • Unreliable Budgeting— With NetSuite Project Management, you can automate job creation and progress-reporting capabilities to review project profitability based on actuals.

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