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NetSuite Professional Services Automation and Its Advantages for Businesses

NetSuite Professional Services Automation and Its Advantages for Businesses

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NetSuite Professional Services comes with out-of-the-box configuration that helps companies manage projects and resources. By leveraging the elemental capabilities of NetSuite PSA Software, businesses can drive extensive capability and ensure higher scalability when it comes to successful delivery of projects. 


NetSuite’s PSA includes:

  • Project Accounting
  • Project Management 
  • Resource Management
  • Timesheet Management 
  • Expense Management 
  • Project Reporting And Analytics

NetSuite has two PSA solutions

  • NetSuite SuiteProjects 
  • NetSuite OpenAir 

NetSuite SuiteProjects

NetSuite SuiteProjects is the PSA solution that comes with all NetSuite implementations. It’s native to NetSuite, so everything is right there whenever you need it. SuiteProjects includes everything a solid PSA solution needs, from optimized resource management to faster billing cycles and more projects delivered on time. Here, connecting with accredited NetSuite for Professional Services Companies like NetSuiteExpert can help you gain real-time visibility and control over your entire services business using an adaptable solution. Additionally, when combined with NetSuite’s CRM, ERP, and HR solutions, you can have an all-encompassing business solution. 

NetSuite OpenAir

OpenAir is the most elevated level PSA NetSuite offers. Obviously, on the off chance that you simply need the nuts and bolts, SuiteProjects will be all that could possibly be needed. You truly possibly need OpenAir in the event that you have a global business, need to coordinate NetSuite’s PSA with big business frameworks, or are searching for a few high level functionalities or customizations.

OpenAir contains all of the same features of SuiteProjects, along with:

  • Global Project Management— If you run an international business, you will need OpenAir. It upholds multi-cash, multi-auxiliaries, multi-tax assessment necessities, multi-language, and worldwide help pools.
  • Integration With Enterprise Systems—NetSuite OpenAir can integrate yur existing fron-end or back-office systems without any obstacles. 
  • Advanced Financial Management— OpenAir includes additional financial functionalities when contrasted with SuiteProjects. It’s ready to isolate income types, handle complex cost administration, and consequently convert foreign currencies.
  • Near To Limitless Customizations— OpenAir has a lot of customization options built into its platform. With the help of an experienced NetSuite Solutions Provider, you can avail of a custom-tailored solution to meet your business needs. 

NetSuite PSA Features

Both SuiteProjects and OpenAir contain a lot of the same features. 

Opportunity to Bidding Project Management Billing and Financials
Automate project invoices, manage approvals Track all the financial metrics of a project Track all the financial metrics of a project
End-to-end invoicing engine, Easily set up projects using project templates Recognize revenue according to its unique schedule and guidelines.
Automate Project-Level Revenue Recognition Processes Utilize flexible project duplication options to create new projects from templates Define user/project level approvals, amend approved timesheets, reject individual time entries on a timesheet
Monitor and report on summary and detail project-level accounts View the entire project plan with an easy-to-read chart Customize time entry to meet business rules
Create revenue and cost estimates for engagements and use “what if” scenarios   Tailor timesheet layout Create revenue and cost estimates for engagements and use “what if” scenarios

Benefits of NetSuite’s PSA 

  • 24/7 Real-Time Visibility— You can view the status of any project’s profitability and resource utilization and make adjustments. 
  • Optimized Resource Management— NetSuite PSA’s Drag and Drop Resource Management makes it easy to quickly assign resources and costs for specific projects.
  • On time And Within Budget Project Delivery— A PSA makes it easier for managers to analyze and resolve potential issues while keeping everything within budget. Additionally, it allows your team members to easily collaborate on projects as well.  
  • Reduced Non-Billable Hours— By leveraging NetSuite PSA Software, you can ensure every task is meticulously tracked (and billed for) to maximize revenue and employee time. 

You can make the most of NetSuite for Professional Services by connecting with an adept and experienced NetSuite Solution Provider. They can let you comprehend the solution closely and help you make a judicious business investment. 

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