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NetSuite Integration for Best E-Commerce Business Prospects

NetSuite Integration for Best E-Commerce Business Prospects

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At times, when a single platform is unable to keep up with your business expectations, it needs to be managed using combined strength of two or more applications. If you run an E-Commerce business based on Magento or some other third party platform, there is possibility that you may have spent a lot of time and money to make your business grow. In order to avail the best of your E-Commerce platform, you would have felt the need to have integrate it with backend ERP application. if you are using NetSuite as your backend application, integration is the best solution for your business to gain the best of both worlds. Neither NetSuite nor Magento or other eCommerce platform separately can give you as many benefits as they can offer when integrated together. Following

Some of our findings below:

  • Automated order transactions between Magento and NetSuite proves best, since manual data entry is time-consuming and prone to errors.

  • Impacts business performance positively.

  • Offers ability to do advance logistics such as intelligent procurement and accurate & scheduled delivery.

  • The ERP E-Commerce integration also makes inventory synchronization possible to have correct stock levels.

  • Moreover, integration would allow you to serve customer better with correct updates and operations to draw your customers back to you again and again.

There are different integration approaches that you can follow that fits your business environment best. You should consider investment price and how much it will return you later on. You should also look at the complexities that will come with new technology, what is the potential of your business growth and where will you get IT support in case you get entangled in between. After you have all these answers, you can choose the way you want to have the integration from below listed ones.

  • Point-to-point connectors: In this cost-effective process, Magento and NetSuite are simply pointed at each other to synchronize data, without having any middle operational platform and organizations can choose in which system they would want to manage their data.

  • Custom developed integration: It works with APIs (application programming interfaces) available for both platforms to sync data. Item, customer, inventory, order, shipping are focused while building custom integration.

  • Multichannel integration software: Here a technology works as an operational platform between NetSuite and Magento to sync data.

NetSuite Expert has a dominant market position among leading NetSuite integration partners out there. We have professionals with rich expertise in NetSuite integration to keep you business ROI high. Approaching the best manner, we deliver best fit integrated solution for your E-Commerce business at competitive prices.

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