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NetSuite ERP for Discrete Manufacturing Drives Profitable Business Management

NetSuite ERP for Discrete Manufacturing Drives Profitable Business Management

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NetSuite Discrete Manufacturing ERP offers a single, integrated cloud solution that replaces the disconnected or legacy systems that modern-day manufacturers often use for their operations. NetSuite ERP Software for Discrete Manufacturing offers comprehensive functionality and is specifically engineered to help thriving manufacturers of all sizes to reduce operating costs, multiply revenue, and better manage their business, particulalry supply chain processes overall.

Discrete Manufacturing

For the most part, NetSuite Discrete Manufacturing ERP Software delivers a power-packed vertically-integrated solution to help growing manufacturers manage their business more profitably. You can leverage the core capability of NetSuite Discrete Manufacturing to manage all the key operations—right from Order-to-Cash through Build-to-Shipment. Moreover, NetSuite’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling capabilities allow modern-day manufacturers or production planners to effectively plan their shop floor and improving capacity, and resource utilization.

ERP Software for Discrete Manufacturing

NetSuite ERP Software for Discrete Manufacturing allows Discrete or Assembly Manufacturers to run core business operations by delivering deep industry functionality.

These functionalities covers

  • Configuration Options By Location
  • Configurable Work Order Completion Logic
  • Enhanced Data Collection

Additionally, the Comprehensive Manufacturing Work Bench Record covers

  • Improved Operations Routings
  • Primary and Alternate Finite Planning Parameters
  • Workforce Requirements and Detailed Work Instructions

Additional features of NetSuite Discrete Manufacturing ERP Software

  • Configurable Shop Floor Travelers
  • Rough-Cut Capacity Planning
  • Finite Production Scheduling
  • Schedule Codes
  • Work Order Release

Batch or Process Manufacturing Functionality

NetSuite Discrete Manufacturing ERP is specifically orchestrated for batch or process manufacturers and includes all the functionality outlined for discrete manufacturing as well as an expanded Manufacturing Work Bench Record Structure.

These include

  • Alternate Assets
  • Recipe/Formulation Management.
  • FIFO Material Issuance For Raw And Bulk Lot Controlled Items
  • Batch Travelers with Automatic Batch Lot ID
  • Material Issuance Control
  • Full MES and Manufacturing Operations Management

Mobile Capability

NetSuite Discrete Manufacturing ERP comes with native and adaptable mobile feature set that supports fully integrated bar code scanning and wireless tablet functionality.

Additionally, it offers real-time Manufacturing Execution System reporting capabilities for

  • Express  Data Entry
  • Work Order Completion
  • Material Issuance
  • Downtime
  • Actual Labor or Machine Hours

Work Orders and Assemblies

This functionality works best for manufacturing units that in all actuality do some light gathering however don’t have to follow work in process or the work independently. You can capitalize on WIP and Routings to add the capacity to characterize work focuses, routings, track work costing, limitless limit booking. Similarly, it delivers a Gantt chart with intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities to have a close glance at the order and assembly management and pursue more information-driven choices.

Furthemore, NetSuite Discrete Manufacturing ERP Software provides extensive capabilities for those looking for complete control of all aspects of their manufacturing processes including finite capacity scheduling and manufacturing execution.

How Oracle NetSuite Enables Discrete Manufacturers to Optimise their Business Efficiency?

Visibility of Stock

As production time and machine set-ups inside a discrete assembling activity vary extraordinarily, it is viewed as best to independently deal with each interaction. In any case, working separated or disparated frameworks and different item prerequisites related with each is tedious. Additionally, it straightforwardly blocks efficiencies that frequently lead to cost investment funds and upgraded benefits. With admittance to continuous data on accessible stock across all cycles, discrete producers can have a complex inventory administration framework set up.

ORACLE NetSuite ERP Software for Discrete Manufacturing accompanies incorporated cloud arrangement that guarantees one variant of reality with regards to stock administration. You can have all materials checked for continuous data on the development of materials around the plant. This promptly intends that there is no creation free time because of quick parts being inaccessible; or without a doubt, out of date quality through over-loading of sluggish parts. Moreover, you can ideally utilize stockroom space when stock is controlled.

Production Planning

Resource capacity planning is a real pain point and bottleneck for discrete manufacturers these days. You may find it tiresome to calculate the production capacity in any factory with the processes in discrete manufacturing.

For the most part, NetSuite Discrete Manufacturing ERP Software gives a complete, 360-degree view of the current workload at any one time. With such inventive capabilites, production planners can reallocate resources as required and prioritise certain orders or deliveries for an effective manufacturing operation.

Profit Margins with Better Insights

NetSuite ERP comes with Bill of Materials and renders real-time information and at-a-glance overview of business operations and performance. Also, the extensive reporting functionality within NetSuite ERP for Discrete Manufacturing ascertains that past and current information, as well as forecasts, can be accessed without any hassle. With such extensive capabilities, you can even analyze the invaluable data to facilitate actionable insights and increase production efficiencies, therefore multiplying business benefits.

At NetSuiteExpert,

You can avail of expertise and experience to standardize and ensure quality monitoring of discrete manufacturing via NetSuite ERP.  We understand that it is crucial to control quality in a manufacturing environment that operates various assembly lines and produces multiple components. For the most part, Our NetSuite Consultants deliver rich expertise and experience across NetSuite’s integrated quality management function to support quality and inspection criteria, customisable records with statistical parameters, and LOT serial numbers.

For more details on NetSuite for Discrete Manufacturing, write to us at info@netsuiteexpert.in Or Schedule A Demo  


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