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NetSuite Cross-Docking Logistics Technique Upgrades Supply Chain Management

NetSuite Cross-Docking Logistics Technique Upgrades Supply Chain Management

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Summary: This write-up explains the Cross-docking Logistics Technique available in NetSuite Warehouse Management functionality; its benefits for businesses in supply chain management seeking an upgrade, and industries that can use this technique to elevate supply chain efficiency.

Modern day customer expectations and market competition is intensely rising and evolving. All these business scenarios put pressure on businesses to deliver goods more quickly and efficiently. Cross-docking is a supply chain and warehouse management strategy and an inventive logistics technique that can be of great help.

What Is Cross-Docking?

Cross-docking is a logistics technique that helps expedite goods delivery, reduces costs, minimizes or even eliminates the need for warehouse storage at the facility, thus increases supply chain efficiency. For the most part, cross-docking solutions help unload goods from vehicles making incoming shipments at a logistics facility. Also, one can shift goods to vehicles that handle outgoing shipments, requiring little or no storage time in between.

Many companies use cross-docking warehouse solutions, including e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers, manufacturers, and freight carriers. Also, businesses leverage it to break down bulk shipments into smaller lots. Additionally, Cross Docking in Supply Chain assists in reorganizing products for efficient delivery to retail stores, fulfillment centers, and customers.

Run a Successful Cross-Docking Operation with NetSuite

If you want to successfully manage a cross-docking operation, you would require real-time visibility into supply and demand process. Additionally, accurate inventory management and coordination with supply chain partners would readily help you get a streamlined and efficient flow of goods.

Here, by leveraging NetSuite ERP Warehouse Management System, businesses can achieve better control over supply chain operations and grab clear visibility into data with a unified, integrated, cloud-based cross-docking solution. Interestingly, it integrates accounting, supply chain management, inventory management, and warehouse operations.

Additionally, it comes with inbound logistics capabilities to coordinate transportation, receipt and storage of inbound inventory. These capabilities allow companies to track shipments along their journey and improve supply chain management. With such functionality, one can drive higher customer satisfaction, higher business profitability, and reduced risk. Moreover, cross docking in NetSuite ERP helps them stay on track with inventive capabilities such as integrated demand planning, procurement, inventory management, and predictive analytics.

Advantages of Cross-Docking

Cross-docking in NetSuite offers an array of business benefits.

These may include

  • Faster shipping
  • Increased supply chain efficiency
  • Reduced the costs of storing, handling
  • Exclusive transporting inventory

For the most part, businesses can eliminate the need for warehouse storage by directly moving goods from inbound to outbound shipments. Moreover, technology enhancements assists companies in driving supply chain visibility and operational control required to successfully handle a complex and critical cross-docking facility.

Quick Shipping

You can leverage cross-docking solutions to expedite the delivery of goods or products to business partners and customers. This is because the products or goods spend little to no time in warehouses. Particularly, this drives extensive benefits for retail and B2B sellers that are under increasing pressure to deliver satisfactory customer services.

Low Inventory Costs

Business can deploy cross-docking in logistics to drop down and in some cases eliminate the requirement of expensive warehouse space. Many businesses utilize this space to store goods during their journey from suppliers to customers. Also, warehousing and cross docking system in NetSuite reduces other warehouse management costs, including cost incurred while tracking items in the warehouse.

Reduced Shipping Costs

By consolidating and deconsolidating cross-docking, companies in supply chain management can save on shipping costs efficiently. Additionally, businesses can combine or split loads to optimize the number and size of vehicles needed to distribute products or goods.

Industries Using Cross-Docking Solutions

Supermarkets and Store Chains

These businesses leverage cross-docking in logistics to ascertain a sleek and smooth daily flow of fresh produce and other foods from suppliers to retail stores, and to the customers as well. For the most part, businesses in these industries often use cross-docking solutions to maintain a steady supply of goods to their retail outlets in different locations. Giants in this field or industry often uses cross-docking extensively as part of a broader business strategy to drop down costs and maintain low prices.

Parcel Delivery and Logistics Businesses

This industry unit utilizes cross-docking logistics technique to accelerate package delivery for their customers and extend their customer reach effectively. Also, manufacturers and product distributors apply cross-docking to lower inventory costs as well as make sure that products are delivered quickly and safely.


Pharma businesses use cross-docking to ascertain timely delivery of medicines, and other medical equipments, or products. These may include those products that should be kept at certain temperatures. Also, cross-docking helps reduce the need for expensive specialized storage facilities.

For the most part, cross-docking is a valuable logistics technique that assists supply chain businesses in delivering products faster while multiplying the efficiency of supply chains. At NetSuiteExpert, you can avail of the expert-level guidance to make the best of Cross-docking in supply chain and lead the competitive edge.

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