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Monitor Your Project Anywhere, Anytime with NetSuite Project Management Solutions

Monitor Your Project Anywhere, Anytime with NetSuite Project Management Solutions

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In the course of maintaining a happy clientele and gain profitability, businesses need to ensure that projects are timely tracked, better analyzed, and executed efficiently. By leveraging the inventive capabilities of NetSuite Professional Services, thriving businesses can make the most of the adaptive technology to streamline project management and witness an elevating growth trajectory.


NetSuite Project Management

With the deployment of NetSuite Project Management, you can allow your teams to collaborate and keep managers updated on the status of the projects. You can leverage real-time data to proactively identify and head off mission critical issues. With NetSuite Cloud-based Project Management Solution, business administrators can gain complete visibility and control. This inventive cloud ERP solution helps them monitor and report on project status from any location at any time. It eventually results in substantially improved project completion record. This way you can come across more satisfied clients and reduced non-billable work hours.

Key Features of NetSuite Project Management

Project Setup

  • You can make the most of reusable project templates that render starting points for projects, speeding, and standardizing the creation process.
  • By leveraging such capabilities around NetSuite PSA, you can tie the required items to sales orders, bulk project creation to save significant time.
  • With NetSuite Project Management solutions, you can assign project managers based on preset template criteria as well.


  • The dashboard offered under NetSuite Project Management helps your project managers gain a visual, graphical analysis of the status of all their projects. You can have a complete visibility into entire project plans, including Gantt charts.
  • Business leaders can take a look at the important KPIs, and quickly drill down to find the root causes of mission critical issues.
  • Once your team members enter information, the dashboard updates automatically. With such inventive capabilities, you can grab an up-to-date view of the current projects status down to the task level.

Project Center

  • NetSuite Professional Services under Project Management delivers a simple and convenient way for managers. With this, they can have a summarized view of their projects and instantly enter transactions against those jobs.
  • It enables you to have vivid visibility and improve collaboration by assigning project resources a standard consultant role. You can give them access to the project center to look into the status, metrics, and performance.


  • With NetSuite PSA, you can organize calls, events and tasks, and link them to specific projects. You can manage all information regarding a client at one place.
  • By leveraging resource tracking and real-time collaboration, businesses can improve customer satisfaction more effectively.


  • Thriving businesses can create revenue and cost budgets to predict margins easily with NetSuite Project management system. Also, it enables them to measure those estimates against actual transactions.
  • You can check progress and monitor the costs associated with each project to keep on top of financial performance.

Benefits of NetSuite PSA Project Management

  • Improved Productivity— With NetSuite ERP solutions for Project Management, you can collaborate seamlessly with teammates in real-time. Project Leads can even track project status and manage changes.
  • Mobile Accessibility— NetSuite Professional Services Automation renders purpose-built mobile app. This allows users to quickly and easily capture detailed time and expense data.

Being an acclaimed and accredited NetSuite Solution Provider, we are known for assisting businesses to witness improved project completion records, more satisfied clients, and reduced non-billable work. We confer extensive NetSuite Project Management Solutions to deliver adaptive technology that helps services businesses lead the competitive edge.

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