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Leverage SuiteSuccess to improve business efficiency 

Leverage SuiteSuccess to improve business efficiency 

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Designed to help small and growing organizations, NetSuite SuiteSuccess enables companies to manage all aspects of their business in a single system. With SuiteSuccess, NetSuite is aligning leading practices, enable organizations to improve and optimize their business processes to achieve success. Companies that desperately need better business management software but don’t have much time to spend should start quickly with SuiteSuccess. The pre-configured NetSuite KPIs, workflows, reminders, reports and value-driven dashboards will help you getting departments like accounting, marketing, and sales in no time at all.

Leverage SuiteSuccess to improve business efficiency 

With sixteen unique editions, SuiteSuccess can cater to wide industry verticals including wholesale/ distribution, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, etc. SuiteSuccess comes with industry specific pre-configured modules, add-ons and dashboards with role specific workflows to streamline your business processes. Rather than being a bundle of products, SuiteSuccess is an implementation methodology that starts by understanding the strategy and priorities of your organization. The components which are most critical for your organization will go live first. Pre-configured dashboards ensure that implementation take significantly less time, enabling you to leverage real-time and fully transparent business intelligence. 

How is this different from a regular implementation?

In traditional implementation, organizations heavily focus on extracting customers’ requirements. Then, they go for offering highly customized solutions eventually leads to scope creep and budget overruns. Based on industry-specific recommended practices, SuiteSuccess enables you to start quickly with pre-configured modules. 

Key Pillars of SuiteSuccess

Build: – Whether you are start-up, growing, midmarket or corporate, SuiteSuccess offers capabilities like ERP, CRM, PSA, omnichannel commerce, HR, and Business Intelligence (BI) that perfectly fits to your unique business needs. With unique set of processes, activities and systems, NetSuite delivers a strong foundation to transform your business with a pre-configured solution and a proven methodology. 

Engage: – SuiteSuccess supports leading practices of all industries and business of all sizes and includes workflows, KPI’s, reports, dashboards and metrics that add value at each stage of the engagement. NetSuite service team has configured and customized SuiteSuccess uniquely for your business needs, helping your business to grow. 

Consume: – SuiteSuccess delivers and agile approach, enabling organizations to consume capabilities based on their business needs. Re-imagined consumption model enables you to go live quickly while getting better ROI and greater user adoption. 

Optimize: – With pre-built reports and pre-configured, SuiteSuccess enables you to gain the actionable insights. Using subscription-based managed service Advanced Customer Support (ACS), you can cater to your customers with proactive approach while mitigating risks and enhancing ROI. Furthermore, updated leading practices and new feature release will easily cater your future business requirements. 

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